February 3rd, 2011

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Writer's Block: Everything's coming up rabbits

What sign were you born under in the Chinese lunar calendar? Do you think it accurately represents your animal spirit?
I'm supposed to be a rooster, though I'm MUCH more like a rabbit. I guess I'm a rabbit in a rooster suit?

By the way, a funny thing happened while I was making this entry. I decided that this userpic fit this entry the best because those born in the year of the rabbit are supposed to be shy, but when I went to choose it, I realized that I had, in fact, forgotten to upload it with my two other Super Mario Galaxy 2 userpics! So thanks for the reminder, whoever came up with this question :P

afer ventus or the river sings backwards

Today's 206idence

I was at http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdclock.html making a countdown of how much time I can spend not working on userpics or MSL today and still fulfill my goal of one hour working on userpics and/or MSL for today. I changed the text color to ♯206113 just to see what that color would look like, and as it turns out, at the time I typed that in, the number of seconds I had left was a 4-digit number beginning with 206.