January 30th, 2011

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Today's 206's and New Year's resolution progress (if you can call it that)

Three different 206's have shown up today:

- I was thinking about getting a snack, and I happened to look at the clock and it was 2:05 PM, so I waited until it changed to 2:06 to leave the room to get it. (Granted, it was kinda intentional, but it didn't take that long for it to change to 2:06, so I probably would've gotten my snack at 2:06 anyway.)
- I've recently made a program on my calculator that helps me decide what homework to work on first by dividing what I put as the relative difficulty of each homework assignment (with 1 being the difficulty of a math problem) by how many hours I have to work on it.* At one point, for studying for my economics test next Monday, this turned out to be 2.069800282. Even more interesting is the fact that just before I ran the program that time, I had randomly thought about what it would be like if, once I made a PrtSc Land-styled version of this userpic next PrtSc Land Day, Schrödinger's Enya commented on it.
- I'm reading Frankenstein for English class, and I read page 206 today.

Speaking of homework, I've had a LOT of it lately. :(

And now, back to your regularly scheduled pessimism: my New Year's resolutions!

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*The formula is different if I'm at school, because then it'd be best to work on short assignments first so I don't have to take them home. In that case, I have it multiply instead of divide, then take the reciprocal of the result.