December 6th, 2010

afer ventus or the river sings backwards

Enya Challenge

Holy. Whole. Hand. Dealer.

Enya may have just friended me on LiveJournal!

Enya may have just friended me on LiveJournal!!

Enya may have just friended me on LiveJournal!!!

My proof:

- The username, an_bhean_airgid, is Irish for "silver lady", which sounds like something Enya would say
- an_bhean_airgid's birthdate is May 17
- a_b_a's location is Ireland
- The only person a_b_a friended (me) is writing a story that technically counts as an Enya story even though really it's just Super Mario Galaxy 2 with Enya and Moya thrown in
- a_b_a made a community called enyastories the same day they friended me, possibly out of interest in Moya's Space Log
- The only entry so far in enyastories says at one point, "'And Winter Came...' is the beginning of a story (really, Roma says so)." "Really, Roma says so." While a_b_a could just be an Enya fan who read that out of an interview or something, to me it sounds more "I actually am Enya and Roma told me in person" than "I'm an Enya fan reading an interview with Roma".
- The mood icons in enyastories are of cats, which Enya has said that she loves

It gets even stranger. Earlier this year, I had a dream that there were three secret pages on accessible only with passwords, and one password was a six-digit number apparently hidden in the lyrics to Pax Deorum somehow, and while I don't remember the entire password, I'm pretty sure either the first or last 3 digits were a 0, a 2, and a 6 in no particular order.

Today is 12-06-10.


So much mystery! In fact, I'm gonna private message a_b_a and ask if they're Enya right after I'm done with this entry. :P

EDIT: In Simple Gematria, "an_bhean_airgid" is 93 and "Enya Brennan" is 113. Add these together and you get 206!