November 22nd, 2010

afer ventus or the river sings backwards

My foot's stuck, I'm bubbling*

5,330 words in Moya's Space Log now. And still no Stars. If the D&D-style boards I've been making take a while to play through with only four enemies, imagine how long bosses and Cosmic Clone missions (which I will actually have to use the boards for) will take!

Current progress towards word count goal:

Current progress towards end of story:

Current progress towards end of story plus retroactive artwork:
(The clear part of this status bar has a width of 797 pixels ;) )

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Note: I was originally going to have Team Brennario members always restart at the checkpoint flag regardless of whether or not they all died at once, but then I realized that in some galaxies, anyone that dies would end up dying over and over until the other three commit suicide, so I had to change it to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii way (i.e. they end up in bubbles). That's why Mario never told Enya & Moya the part about the bubbles until just now.

*pathvain_aelien told me about a time that her foot got stuck in a hole in the couch while she was playing NSMBW with Stephen, and she said, "My foot's stuck. I'm bubbling." :D