November 19th, 2010

afer ventus or the river sings backwards

Planets & Octhipmunks

Up to 4,934 words. Yay?

This sure is a lot of parts for Team Brennario to still not have even one Star yet.

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I have a couple of questions:

1) I wanted to make the distribution of hits, deaths, etc. as realistic as possible (i.e. Team Brennario gets hit about as often in MSL as Mario would in the actual Super Mario Galaxy 2), as well as make the writing more fun, so for the part where the Mario Bros. and Moya fight the Paragoombas and Octoomba while Enya gets the 1-Up Mushroom, I drew a tiny map of that part of the planet in MS Paint and "played" through that section as if I were playing Dungeons & Dragons (complete with dice and made-up initiative modifiers for Team Brennario and the Octoomba), then summarized it. Even though I drew as little as possible (a single red pixel for Mario, a single green pixel in a shade different from that of the grass for Luigi, etc.), it kinda took a while, and I accidentally made a second Enya join them until I remembered that Enya wasn't actually supposed to be there.

2) After I finish writing MSL, I'm gonna go through and add artwork (attempting to finish from November 1 to November 30 next year, or whatever year I finish writing). I was thinking of also making userpics of Enya and Moya using each of the SMG2 powerups (except the Spin Drill since there is no costume change for it), as well as userpics of a Cosmic Enya and a Cosmic Moya. I'm unsure of how many separate userpics I should make, though.

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Should I keep making D&D-like boards for Moya's Space Log, or go back to making up who gets hit when as I go along?


How should I make my Moya's Space Log userpics?

22 individual userpics: one of Fire Enya, one of Fire Moya, one of Rainbow Enya, etc.
11 userpics depicting Enya & Moya with same powerup side by side (or Cosmic Enya & Cosmic Moya side by side)
11 animated userpics alternating between Fire Enya & Fire Moya or Rainbow Enya & Rainbow Moya or whatever every few seconds
Userpic cycling through Enya with all powerups, userpic cycling through Moya with all powerups, Cosmic Enya userpic, and Cosmic Moya userpic
Userpic cycling through Enya & Moya side by side with all powerups, and userpic of Cosmic Enya & Cosmic Moya side by side
Draw them as Super Mario World-styled sprites and fit them all (including Cosmic) into one userpic

EDIT: In that last option, when I said "onto one userpic," I meant one non-animated userpic.

EDOT: WTCN? I totally messed up that first question. How is "Should I keep making D&D-like boards for Moya's Space Log, or go back to making up who gets hit when as I go along?" a yes or no question?! The yes and no were intended to refer to the part of the question before the comma (i.e. yes means keep making D&D boards, and no means make up hits as I go along).