November 5th, 2010

afer ventus or the river sings backwards

"Have fun with your stupid sailing away!"

I take the SAT again tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll do better this time...

In other news, I'm still up to only 612 words in Moya's Space Log, and the Marios and Brennans haven't even made it to Sky Station Galaxy yet. There's no way I'll be able to complete this in time :( But at least I've finally started actually writing the story!

EDIT TO NEW READERS: This story makes more sense if you skip the unedited versions of parts that are edited later.

←Part 0 (unedited) Part 1 (edited) & Part 2 (unedited)→
Parts 0-9 combined and made much less cringeworthy in 2018 ⟹

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