July 26th, 2010


Meme swindled from penelopexxx because I'm approximately as bored as her

A - Autism is annoying to have; I want mine cured
B - Backwards music fanatic
C - College is one year away and I definitely don't think I can make it
D - Distracted by my own thoughts
E - Enya is my ♯1 celebrity crush
F - Fourth dimension is interesting to think about
G - Graphemecolor synesthesia is awesome
H - Holy whole hand dealer, some of these are pretty hard to come up with!
I - Internet memes are usually annoying
J - Jesus freak
K - Ketchup-flavored potato chips? Strange, but tasty!
L - LiveJournal, where I find it much easier to make friends than in real life
M - Misunderstood a lot
N - Norris, Chuck jokes I only sometimes find funny
O - Olimar, push the slush! (I really can't think of anything other than a backwards Enya lyric for this one)
P - pathvain_aelien and ellaina02 are my sisters
Q - Q qq qqq qqqq qqqqqq qq qqq qqqqqqqq qqq qqqqq qqqqq qqq'q q qqqq qqqq qqqqqq qqqqqqqq qqqqqqqq qqqq qq...qqqq, qq qqq qqqqq qqqqqqqqq'q qqqqqqq (Unqensored version: Q is the only letter of the alphabet for which there isn't a word with sexual innuendo starting with it...well, it was until witchkatt's comment)
R - Random
S - Six sixty-six-related dreams are a bad sign...
T - Teenagers that think they're cool often aren't
U - Userpic limit is too small for all 71 (as of now) of the userpic ideas I came up with :(
V - Video gamer
W - Won't drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke even when I'm old enough
X - Xtra sensitive sometimes
Y - Yellow is my favorite color, but I don't have a real reason why (maybe it's because my synesthetic color for the first letter of my name is yellow)
Z - Zzzzzzzz until noon most of the time, regardless of whether or not I wanna get up earlier (unless I have school)