June 26th, 2010

dr. t. j. eckleburg



Input text or a URL and it searches for patterns throughout it, such as the amount of words, the amount of words beginning with a vowel, the numerical values of the letters, etc. Numbers found that are multiples of 7 or have digits that add to multiples of 7 are considered "good" and numbers that are or add to multiples of 13 or 666 are considered "evil". (I dunno if it searches for any other spiritually significant numbers.) Then it gives you a percentage of "good" and "evil" and a rundown of the 7's, 13's, and 666's found.

Interesting ones I've found so far:

"Holy whole hand dealer" - 97% evil. Not very holy, apparently.
"666", "six six six", and "six hundred sixty-six" are strangely all half and half. "Six sixty-six" is, even more ironically, 99% good. "Frozen pets", which appeared in the same dream as the number 666, is also 99% good. So is "Om nom nom nom", which has three 666's in phone number form.
"PrtSc Land" - 87% evil. <sarcasm>What a surprise.</sarcasm>
Its own description, despite claiming to give results that are "absolutely correct", is 29% evil. That's why I'm saying these are "interesting ones" rather than "revelations" or somesuch.
"Chuck Norris" - unsurprisingly, 98% evil
"Dr. Octagonapus" is 99% evil (apparently just from the title Dr.), yet "Shoop Da Woop" is 99% good.
"Procrastination" is 99% good. No wonder I've been so inclined to not work on OWY1U.
"BS Analyser" - 99% evil. The Gematriculator is even meaner to the BS Analyser than it is to itself.
"Cure for autism" - 89% good. In the rundown, it also says that "autism"=650=13×50.

If you find another interesting one, let me know.

EDIT: Interesting ones I found on my own later: (you may wanna bookmark this)

"SmackJeeves" and "Homestar Runner Wiki Forum" are ironically 80% and 99% good, respectively.
"Sins" and "arsonist" are ironically multiples of 7.