March 22nd, 2010

homsar's skull


I had such a bad and tiring day that I had a whole post complaining about it and accidentally posted it in goodbandnames! Good thing I deleted it. No wonder the only tag that would automatically be suggested while I typed was "author cancelled". Who used that tag in that community though? Maybe I'm so tired that I can't even remember what tag(s) were being suggested...

*checks "Post to" field*

Matt1993? Good.

Anyways, to recap:

Homework: some anatomy, some math, reviewed for HAS quiz that I can't take yet

Homework: outline (has to be done entirely tomorrow), HAS essay and graphic

Day after-
Junior ring ceremony and going to Incredible Pizza, so I can't really work on anything

Thursday through Sunday (assuming no apocalypse) - HAS essay and graphic

I get the feeling it's not just a coincidence that the research paper outline is due on my dream's second apocalypse prediction.