February 9th, 2010

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Writer's Block: Wake up and smell the coffee

Given the choice, would you rather sleep in or eat a delicious breakfast? Is there any food you love so much that you'd wake up at dawn or travel a great distance just to eat it?
For a long time, I was always so tired that if I didn't have to go to school or anything else I'd have to get up early for, I'd sleep in even if I wanted to get up early to have more time to do something fun like get on my computer. However, today I didn't have to get up early for anything, yet I still felt like getting up at 9 or so. I dunno why.

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On a non-Writer's Block, slightly more depressed note...

I got to stay home from school the past two days because I'm sick, but today was a pretty hard day regardless - I took the fifth HAS quiz and did packets for anatomy and math and sheets for Spanish and history, and just recently finished. (Of course, I did take a New Super Mario Bros. Wii break while I was waiting for Mom to bring home the books I didn't already have at home that I need for school...) And I'm still waiting for pathvain_aelien to get home to help me with a study guide and essay notes for an English test tomorrow. Blah.