January 22nd, 2010

gir meets the floor


Aw, gnat! LJ is down for maintenance, so I'm gonna type stuff to post in Notepad and post it once LJ is back.

Anyways, I accidentally fell asleep after school today. Again. This time, though, once I woke up, I went back to sleep on purpose.

I then played Dungeons & Dragons with pathvain_aelien and Stephen. This is the first time I've used my tiger Garfield in battle and the first time I leveled up in the game. There was also this funny part where Stephen asked P_A what her charisma modifier was, and she thought he said "Christmas modifier." I've gotta make that into a new profile name now. By the way, my new character is a druid named Juke; we abandoned the campaign that has Cranther. Poor Cranther.

Also, what's weirding me out is how much updates/maintenance is happening on the same day. First, my computer apparently messed up during updates and went into Startup Repair (which I cancelled and started normally, allowing my computer to finish the updates), then ICQ automatically updated, and now LiveJournal maintenance. Is today National Maintenance Day or something?

Random quiz:

Your result for The pointless Test...

20 % boredness

You are BORED

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Aw, come on! I'm only 20% bored! How does that count as "BORED"?

Okay, now LJ is back. Time to post!