January 18th, 2010

uChIN RA G (you chin rag)

Somewhat late post of DOOM

Last Friday, I accidentally fell asleep for a while after school (again). I better make a tag for that so I know just how many times I've posted about it. At least Martin Luther King Jr. has kept my weekend from being shorter than normal this time. Thanks, Kingy! :)

Yesterday, pathvain_aelien showed me how to cook Hot Pockets, followed up by Mom showing me how to cook French fries. I did a good job with both; maybe adult life won't be a disaster!

Today, autism, which is known for having flame wars come up everytime someone mentions Autism Speaks and/or a cure for autism, and CNN.com, which is known for having even more flame wars than autism, have morphed together to post the ULTIMATE controversial entry! And I commented on it, so wish me luck in averting the inevitable apocalyptic flame wars that I'm waiting for.