December 13th, 2009

dr. t. j. eckleburg

Writer's Block: Trading places

If you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would you choose and why? What if you could trade places for keeps, would you consider it?
This is probably the easiest Writer's Block question in a while.

I'd trade places with someone that could do both of the non-exam essays I have to do and write notes for the one last exam essay I haven't written notes for yet very easily, but is having trouble with math. That way we both get something out of it!

dr. t. j. eckleburg

Writer's Block: Trading places (Now not a Writer's Block answer!)

So, as I said in my answer to the Writer's Block question, I'm probably gonna end up doing ALL of my remaining homework today. All I have left is one of the exam essay notecards, actually writing my essay on The Great Gatsby (since I made a notecard for that too), and my HAS stuff. 50 minutes until pathvain_aelien gets back from tutoring Reagan and helps me with my essays some more.

Also, recently I started making an alphabetical list of all of the subject lines in my LJ entries with the post number for each one for my 300th entry.

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dr. t. j. eckleburg

I found the perfect balance between humor I find funny and immature humor I find lame!

These are all hilarious, even the immature ones! (And I usually hate immature humor, so that's saying something.) I think my favorite so far is "Expand the equation". :)

EDIT: Now that I've read all of the posts as of "Chem win", my new favorite is the one where Walt Whitman has a blue ox named Emily Dickinson. Even if a later portion of that essay stereotypes LiveJournal as being for emo poetry.

In other news, now I have notes for all my exam essays, or exays, and have about half of my The Great Gatsby essay finished. Yay!