August 17th, 2009

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Top ten Buffisodes

pathvain_aelien suggested that I make a list of my ten favorite Buffy episodes so far, so here it be.

Witch THE Witch
Fear Itself
I Robot... You Jane
Something Blue
Beer Bad
A New Man

I'll post an updated version once I have watched every episode, and then another updated version once I have watched every episode again, because I forget which episodes some of my favorite lines are from.

Also, I never did get to play Mario Party 4 today like I said. Maybe tomorrow. :(

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200th post!

For my 200th LJ entry (my profile will say 201, but that's because I haven't deleted the welcome entry that's automatically made for new users), I decided to do something completely pointless: take the first word from my first post, the second word from my second post, the third word from my third post, and so on, all the way up to this one. (If post ♯X has Y words, and Y is less than X, then the remainder of X ÷ Y is Z, and I use the Zth word instead, or the last if Z is zero.) And yes, this is a ripoff of 160 Seconds.

Collapse )

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While doing this, I've noticed that I have quite a few posts that are exactly 48 words long, by the way. Coincidence?

On a less pointless note, I had to get my braces tightened again today. And this time, there are rubber bands holding the top and bottom braces together (which have to be changed every time I eat or brush my teeth, and also before I go to bed), so it probably won't pull a my wisdom teeth this time. :(

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Misheard SSBB theme lyrics

There are several misheard SSBB theme lyric videos, but this is my favorite so far.

EDIT ON SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2017: Well, this particular video is down now, but search for "super smash bros. brawl misheard lyrics" and maybe you'll find the other ones I've seen. And I'm gonna try and recreate the lyrics from the one that's down now from memory for posterity:

I'll be the Darth [at this point, the video said "lolstarwars?"]
Eat a noob
So this is Yoshi's feet
If not here has a party
I'll be the Darth
Eat a noob
He's going through a bread
[or maybe it was "pulling through a bread"]
You can't eat with a spoon :(
Why are there some videos?
Why, only throw them on Venus!
There's more people
He's porting
Huh? Are more people speaking?
Yes, more please
Oh, jeez, let me in
We only need for best people yes-men, yeah
There is a condo
[or maybe it was "combo"]
You, yeah, don't expect congrats