August 11th, 2009

updated prtsc land me

Lunchables != mathables

On the box for a deep dish pepperoni pizza Lunchable:

"Kraft 2% cheddar & 2% mozzarella"

So what kind(s) of cheese take(s) up the other 96%?

I know things like "2% cheddar" mean something other than the percentage of the cheese that is cheddar (dunno what it does mean, though), but it just sounds funny.

updated prtsc land me

My first poll

Poll #1442730 Wadido vs. Warah McWachlan

You remember Waenya, right? She was mentioned in a backwards lyric so I went ahead and designed her? Well, I've heard "Wadido" and "Warah" mentioned backwards too lately (I wanted to write down the backwards lyrics to certain songs before I redesigned Ours Will You 1-Up). Who should I design first once OWY1U is back?

Warah McWachlan

Kinda pointless, I know, but...