August 2nd, 2009

updated prtsc land me

Our glue is hilarious

Said of a glue stick:

pathvain_aelien: I think it's not sticking because it's not glue anymore.
ME: What is it now, then?
PATHVAIN_AELIEN: Uhh...the artist formerly known as glue.

Said of a glue bottle:

MOM: It shot up like a geyser!
ME: Old Faithful Glue!

As a side note, yes, I have officially converted my location field to an insult the detect button based on what the post is about field.

Writer's Block: I Don't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

Have you ever found yourself enjoying something you had previously scorned as a cliché? What was it?
Hmm, let's see...

- Sonic games, but I still think Mario's better, and that there are far too many Sonic webcomics for any of them to be good. (One of the reasons I left SmackJeeves)
- "SH00P DA W00P". I thought it was a cliché until I saw its origin, the Lazer Collection, and decided that the Lazer Collection was cool, but overuse in webcomics isn't, another reason I left SmackJeeves.
- Chuck Norris jokes; I like to hear them only every once in awhile.
EDIT: One I couldn't think of off the top of my head originally:
- Boot to the head. I thought it, as well as anything at all Phoenix Wright-related, was cliché until I actually watched the video. 'Twas hilarious.

The opposite also happens to me sometimes - I enjoy something, but then later scorn it as a cliché. Here's a list of those:

- Starfox games
- Pokémon games (I still think the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions are good, though. It just got too complicated starting with Gold and Silver. And Nintendo had no right to replace Mewtwo with Lucario in SSBB.)
- Captain Falcon (It gets annoying to see and/or hear "FALCON PUNCH!!" a lot on the Internet)

For both lists, that's all I can think of off the top of my head.


Yep, I'm gonna

I'm gonna add a detect button insult tag to EVERY single entry for which I haven't put a creative insult on, merging anything I originally put for the location into the entry itself.


Better get to work!

EDIT: Decided to just start from the first post I made after the detect button was implemented, so as to make it less confusing to people who decide to read my whole archive (even though stuff about PrtSc Land would confuse them anyway). But I'm still gonna do it!

EDOT: Done! Who needs the detect button anyway? No one's gonna forget where they are, and if they do, they can just leave it blank.