July 27th, 2009

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Writer's Block: Bite Me

From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?
I have a feeling no more than 10 males answered this before me, but what the sail.

Anyways, I'd say Collapse )

If that doesn't count, then... well, it's been a REALLY long time since I've played AdventureQuest, and I don't feel like logging in just to find a name, but you know that vampire queen in Darkovia or whatever? She gets second place.

updated prtsc land me

Featured Glitch! Double NP Awarded!...Okay, okay, that last part was a joke.

Frank is a goat and likes to eat pants? What does that have to do with who has friended me the most recently? And who is Morank?

(I think this happened because my Internet connection was being a Crystal Light nose, by the way, but I'm surprised it took text from a whole different page)