May 14th, 2009

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Writer's Block: Word for Word

How many (if any) songs do you know by heart? What are they?
I don't think I know any songs completely by heart. I memorized most of the backwards lyrics to Out of the Shadows by Sarah McLachlan though. I'd post them if there weren't any other students around me that might potentially get confused by what I'm typing.

EDIT: I ended up getting to go to the computer lab twice today, and no one's at this desk but me this time, so here goes. And no, I did not copy and paste any of this from Ours Will You 1-Up. Honestly.

(stuff I don't remember and actually will correct on OWY1U later)
Oh, so slow tiiiiiiiiiime
Yeah, no more sweeeeeeeeat
Oh, no more set, a fishnet's it
So I should hear it all, [bleep]
Awesome, awesome, a solution in the knee
Knee shuts thirst thin, he finds it
Hush with all hiding in my Mars, ours will you 1-Up
Hut must niftly fare a world, ease it yawn, make my blood
Looks like you're the one that lugs me on the bug, you snow

Only the slow lawn
My ear may sleep
(stuff I don't remember)
No, no one theeeeeeere
I know what's it
Hot if there's any words there
So I should hear it slow, no one
Slowly fear holes in DS and smears and yet there's Sally
Slowly push my ear and we say laws and other
Looks through only in the arm, such a salmon
On the car Nathan and I hear to mental hole
(stuff I don't remember)
So I should hear it all, [bleep]
So that's enough, the one you hear through it, gals in holy angle (OWY1U says "angles", but I'll correct it)
Smell a nine, it was singing yak notes and wean Amos (OWY1U says "we're Amos", but I've recently been thinking it's "wean Amos" instead)
Release the knife-y, help me, the totes barf your wizard
Early's in awesome hole, we snarf

What's weird is that it's the first song I ever wrote the backward lyrics to, and I still don't remember all of it.