April 24th, 2009

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Lost data and band names

Today, I was writing a rock-paper-scissors program for my online college computer class while at high school (let's hear it for dual-credit), and was almost done when other students came into the computer lab for their class (usually I'm alone in the lab), and one of them turned my computer off thinking he was turning his computer on. (The towers are on the left of the monitors they are connected to; he must have expected them to be on the right.) I had to start all over from the last time I had saved, which wasn't that far into it. Never before have accidents been so annoying.

In drama today, we were working on things for the talent show; namely, the band was trying to come up with their name, and everyone else was working on banners. Well, for a while; eventually, those who weren't in the band suggested names, inspiring me to write down band names based on conversations I was listening to.

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