April 14th, 2009

updated prtsc land me

We three topics of LiveJournal post we are...

I finished the final copy of my research paper. It was easy to do, since there were only a few corrections my teacher suggested. About time.

I also got my braces tightened yesterday. Ouch. Fortunately, my braces pulled a my wisdom teeth and only hurt that day. :)

By the way, there was something I was wondering. You see, on Ours Will You 1-Up, I currently censor not only actual cuss words found in backwards lyrics, but also things like bathroom humor, sexual implications (even without cuss words), and some euphemisms for cuss words. I came up with an idea for a feature to add in the redesign I am planning: clicking the last letter of a song title takes you to a version with only actual cusses censored (a trick I will actually mention on the site, so it's not a secret), but clicking any other letter takes you to a version like I have now. If I did that, would I have to mark Ours Will You 1-Up as containing adult content in the site settings or not? (@pathvain_aelien: I know "shizzle" means "real". I'm not talking about that.)

updated prtsc land me

Writer's Block: Looking Back

LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?
Here it is, in all of its old-fashioned, n00bish glory.

Hi! I'm Matt Aaron. For more info about what I do most of the time, go to my profile page.
Right now, I'm wondering what the next Strong Bad E-mail will be like. You should check them out (on homestarrunner.com); they are really funny and were the inspiration for some of my funny screenshots (again, more info on profile page).

Why, oh, WHY did I have to have only recently started posting things on the Internet for all to see?!

Apparently, I'm feeling more nostalgic than LiveJournal is, so here is a list of all of my post subjects as well:

Matt1993 Cometh "Drawn" to my attention School fool (Screen)shot in the foot Happy birthday to CPU Insert extra joke here *yawn* PrtSc Land!!!! Whoa, talk about not posting! Holy whole hand dealer, that was a long hiatus! AAAAAfAfAf-F D College Stop eating the math of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Ababnormal The nightmare before joining a community {} Research paper of the apocalypse Oh yeah! Shy guy (Mario reference not intended...OR IS IT?) Stupid cattle-noting braces! >:( Quiz Galaxy LIES!! Only non-awesome homework Your card was the 3.14159265358979323 of óúlú÷bs! What happened? Matt da Vinci My first meme Telephone game Quiz of the day 25 Meme Done! Raliens! Antiantiantiantichrist SPRING BREAK!!! What is WRONG with me?! Lazy SAT Writer's Block: Timely Departures Make room for healthy and wealthy Ouch Wow Writer's Block: Fresh Flowers or Crunchy Leaves? Ugh Writer's Block: Take Your Chances Ugh, school's back For once, Quiz Galaxy gave me an answer I expected Writer's Block: How Soon Is Now? I can't...remember...cereal... Random updates Most random quiz of them all You are the weakest link. Goodbye! Eh? Writer's Block: Prison Food Is Punishment Enough Writer's Block: No Foolin' Here we go again Writer's Block: Seven Days Daylight Savings Time gets what it deserves Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies Stupid all-you-have-to-do-is-enter-your-name quizzes Things other people accomplished at age 15 Writer's Block: Sweet Tooth Writer's Block: GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post) Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice LOL! We three topics of LiveJournal post we are... My inbox is possessed! Writer's Block: Looking Back...