March 8th, 2009

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25 Meme

25 Things About Me

(got this from otterdance)

1. I'm good at math.

2. I suck at writing research papers and essays. And even at taking notes.

3. I hacked into my mom's computer at the age of two.

4. I love macaroni and cheese.

5. I have weird dreams often, usually about video games and/or Enya.

6. I love procrastinating.

7. I enjoy backwards music.

8. Cussing annoys me.

9. I don't get why things like this post are called memes when annoying things on the Internet like "SH00P DA W00P" are also called memes.

10. I am biased against Photoshop just because so many people who use it are biased against MS Paint.

11. See above. Replace "Photoshop" with "Firefox" and "MS Paint" with "Internet Explorer".

12. I hate school.

13. I have autism. AND I'M SICK OF IT. >:(

14. My favorite color is yellow.

15. I enjoy video game glitches.

16. I wish one of my favorite singers were in a video game that didn't involve a concert of any kind. More of an adventure/platformer-style game.

17. I am infamous for posting stupid things on forums. Mainly the SmackJeeves forum and the Homestar Runner Wiki Forum. Which is why I've stopped posting to either of them.

18. I sometimes use a ROM corruptor (which is intended for use on video game ROMs) on music files just for the fun of it.

19. I have only been to one concert in my life: a recent Celine Dion concert.

20. Sometimes, for the fun of it, I read the edit histories of pages on Wikipedia and the Homestar Runner Wiki and try to find the vandalized pages.

21. I discovered the missing link between Enya and the Mario world...maybe.

22. I beat Kirby's Dream Land the day I got it. (though I haven't beaten the extra game yet...)

23. I only like to hear Chuck Norris jokes every once in a while.

24. Even though I have an account on the Homestar Runner Wiki, I still prefer to make anonymous posts on talk pages rather than editing articles while logged in.

25. I prefer sbemails over hremails.