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Lost data and band names

Today, I was writing a rock-paper-scissors program for my online college computer class while at high school (let's hear it for dual-credit), and was almost done when other students came into the computer lab for their class (usually I'm alone in the lab), and one of them turned my computer off thinking he was turning his computer on. (The towers are on the left of the monitors they are connected to; he must have expected them to be on the right.) I had to start all over from the last time I had saved, which wasn't that far into it. Never before have accidents been so annoying.

In drama today, we were working on things for the talent show; namely, the band was trying to come up with their name, and everyone else was working on banners. Well, for a while; eventually, those who weren't in the band suggested names, inspiring me to write down band names based on conversations I was listening to.

Complete list:

Unscrew That Lid
Gpossum (The only exception to the "based on conversations" rule; the band members often say "possum" and "gpossum" as a running gag, and although they never said "gpossum" in this class, I thought of it when they said "possum".)
Amateur Professional
Goofing Around
What Are We Asking
Not Sad
Standing On Some Rocks
Somewhat People
What's Wrong With Him
Another Piece of Paper (the only one that came from something I said)
Give Me A Hug
Live To Tell About It
Killing Time
2 Or 3 Days Of My Life
Automatic Off Switch*
Like Goodness
Getting Attention
No, I Don't
By the Way
Squeezed Creation
Not Listening
I Participated
Tell Her What It's For*
Almost Shook My Hand
Crayon Shavings
Trace the Inside
That Way
Where To Find Them
Clean Copper Clappers
Straight Face*
I Forgot Their Name
Never Mind
Other Favorite
As Scared As I Was
Just Visiting
Computer Problem
Scientifically Making A Sign
Yes, I Am
Not Dry Yet*
Not Too Sly About It
Phone Call For You
Whose Chair Is This
Too Small
Combining Two Classes
Control Panel*
Hospital Bill*
I Have A Brush
I'm Assuming
Didn't Finish
The One I Need Most Work On
Busy On Sunday
Fooling Around
Gonna Straighten*
Back In 2 Days
Almost Got The Second Word
Great Possibility
Scared Of Monday
Can I Borrow This
Over Here
Eat These
Different Colors
I Don't Know What Their Favorite Color Is
Not Making It Easy
Funny Idiot
The W's
Does Not Smell Like Cheese
Put Tape On It
Easy For You
Won't Be Finished With This
Across The Face
Car Keys
Not This Arm
Same Color
Very Important
Get Up And Walk Away
The Stuff To Clean It With
Really Relaxed
What In The World
Cutters Anonymous

*A favorite among my fellow drama students

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