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Ye Olde Gloſsarie of Matthew-MCMXCIII-iſms.

EDIT ON MAY 12, 2018: THIS IS THE OLD VERSION OF MY GLOSSARY... or at least the oldest version that was a sticky entry rather than on my profile, anyway. THE NEW GLOSSARY IS... nowhere, yet, but I'm going to FINALLY get around to updating this glossary for the first time in years after I'm done fixing all my entries on both LJ and DW.

I made this sticky entry in 2011, but then I didn't update it much after that and left it outdated for nearly SEVEN YEARS - long enough that I decide I might as well preserve the old version of the glossary, but make it no longer sticky in favor of a NEW sticky entry with the updated glossary.

Everything below this point is as the entry originally appeared, except I got rid of the lj-like buttons. The former subject line was simply "Glossary of Matt1993isms".


I finally got around to updating this glossary and moving it to a sticky post so that it wouldn't clutter up my profile and I could have LJ-cuts to jump to certain sections!

Although the whole point of these multiple LJ-cuts is for ease of navigation (i.e. if I reference a Matt1993ism in the definition of a Matt1993ism in a different section, I'd link to the proper section), I haven't had the time to actually go through and add all these links, so stay tuned for that. I also thought about adding artwork for certain entries *cough*/crazymegavideo/*cough*, so stay tuned for that too. :)

As I said in the old glossary, if you spot a Matt1993ism I used that I haven't defined here, or if FoxReplace messes up the "pucker up because it's time for lunch" entry again, etc., please let me know :)

EDIT: Added some more Matt1993isms and tags, but still need to add the links and artwork. I'm also pretty sure there was another Matt1993ism that I still forgot to add...

/crazymegavideo/ - The second main character of I[blur]. Originally, her relation (if any) to /tensen/ was unknown, but a later dream where I planned on putting her and /tensen/ in a new version of PrtSc Land confirms that they are brother and sister. Even though /tensen/ is the actual main character of I[blur], /crazymegavideo/ seems to upstage him, because while they both seemingly have the ability to turn into squids, only /crazymegavideo/ has been seen using herself as a human water balloon or turning into a pool toy with the same ability.
Before my I[blur] dream, there was also a character in an earlier dream who seems to be a proto-/crazymegavideo/ because although her hair and outfit do not resemble any of the 2 and 3 (respectively) that /crazymegavideo/ has appeared with so far, she nonetheless is a dreamt-up video game character who fills herself with helium about as often as /crazymegavideo/ has filled herself with water. The proto-/crazymegavideo/ actually reappeared in another dream after the real /crazymegavideo/ was introduced, in which I simply considered drawing her on my graphing calculator.

/tensen/ - The main character of I[blur]. Despite the name, he looks nothing like Twinsen from Little Big Adventure (especially since I haven't even played it); instead, he (normally) looks more like a WAY more human version of the Jolly Dumple from the Strong Bad E-mail "mascot". Sometimes he appears in a realistic style, and sometimes he appears in a cartoony style, whereas /crazymegavideo/ has only been the former. Little is known about him except that apparently he can turn into a squid and he is /crazymegavideo/'s brother.

1corinthiansvsrovanda - To say or do something stupid knowing perfectly well that you will regret it. The term is a reference to one of my stupidest LJ comments (you have been warned). I decided that it would be a bad idea to use a LJ friend's name in a Matt1993ism referring to doing stupid things, so I only used this term once outside of this glossary.

2.5ble date - A double date with one more person involved.

2.8ble date - A single date with four more people (none of which are dating each other) involved. Can't be simply a triple date, since that implies they are all dating.

2.9ble date - A double date with two more people (which aren't dating each other) involved. Can't be simply a triple date, since that implies the other two people are dating too.

5:192 AM, 7:97 AM - Irregular times my clock showed in a dream I had. Most irregular times like this scare me in the dreams but not in waking life, though 5:192 only mildly startled me. Since the 7:97 dream, I have frequently used 797 as a stand-alone number as a running gag. There are actually way more irregular times than these now, as well as other recurring numbers in my dreams (206, anyone?), so I am thinking about making a separate glossary for such numbers.

AAAAAfAfAf-F D - A Super Mario World level created by a ROM corruptor. What's weird is that even though I only saw it in one corruption of Super Mario World, I've heard it in the backwards lyrics to two songs. It is pronounced aff-aff-affd.

about to have some lunch - See pucker up because we're about to have some lunch.

albino toast - Something mentioned in the backwards lyrics to Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats from Cats. Sounds tasty.

All Faiths Pineapple - A building from a dream I had where some guy had to bring people of 40 different religions. I was somehow the only one on Earth left out initially, but the first guy died somehow so I took his place. The name comes from a pineapple-shaped metal covering that surrounded the building once I was there, apparently to protect us from something. Each resident of All Faiths Pineapple had their own pillowmask.

annoyingmemium blasphemide - A compound (chemical formula: MeBl) that I find surprisingly hilarious despite being a Christian and hating most Internet memes (the latter is not because of the former, by the way). The LOLcat Bible consists of mostly MeBl with traces of actually being annoying occasionally.

anycattlenotingway - See cattle note.

author cancelled - Some weird phrase from a dream I had. In the dream, it apparently meant I was banned from playing Mario games, but in waking life, I've used it so often to mean other things that I hardly even think about the original dream anymore; I use it in several different ways, including a less overused (though that's not saying much) substitute for "epic fail" and for error messages. I also used it as my "real" name on my profile for awhile. See also: Ides of Author Cancelled.

autor fue cancelado - See el autor fue cancelado.

aw gnat - I could've sworn I had found "oh gnat" in some backwards lyric and had started using the phrase "aw gnat" because of it, but searching OWY1U doesn't seem to be helping. Oh well.

back of Riley's head - pathvain_aelien doesn't like Riley Finn from Buffy that much, but likes the back of his head, because that means he's leaving. Thus, she and I use this as an inside joke.

Back of Us - See The Back of Us.

big Crayola mess - A test that I did not do well on, or a paper I did not write well. Name comes from a weird dream I had. See also: author cancelled, frozen pets, Matt with peanut butter, no education for singer.

bizel - A unit I made up that approximates how difficult something is, with 1 bizel being approximately the amount of time it takes for me to do a math problem. See also: notyetxel, procrastination point.

Brennan Sstrs. - Enya and Moya. Normally used when they appear in a crossover alongside the Mario Bros., such as Moya's Space Log. (Why do I say "such as" if that's the only one so far?)

Cameo Token - Credits that were used for PrtSc Land to appear in the comic as a cameo. You could earn them by answering trivia questions I asked (i.e. "Two Cameo Tokens to anyone who guesses who'll find [an item that was part of a really dumb plot so I won't mention what it was] before he/she does") or pointing out mistakes I made so I can fix them. I plan on reusing the concept for a new webcomic, but seeing as no one submitted a guess for an early contest for CTs, I might not.

cancelled author - See author cancelled.

care for husking in - My term for joining or coming in to something, sometimes used in my first post to communities (well, alright, only to _dreams_ so far). Originated from the backwards lyrics to Life for Rent by Dido.

cattle note - In the backwards lyrics to Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay, it says "What the cattle note?" Thus, that's one of the things I use (or used to use) instead of "what the h***" or "what the f***". I also say "cattle-noting" a lot (or used to) even though I haven't heard a backwards lyric that uses it as a verb yet.

celebritician - Part celebrity, part politician. Or something. See also: govanagmanitate.

CELERY!! - Originating from a comic I made with the Garfield Randomizer, I was originally going to use this phrase whenever mad at someone, but uChIN RA G stole its thunder. It did make it to a userpic, though.

chin rag - See uChIN RA G.

College Application Short Answer Essay of the Apocalypse - A creature with seven pages and ten paragraphs that is said to take over the college application process and require applicants to have 666-word essays tattooed on their forehead or right hand in order to be accepted. Unless you're good at writing essays, in which case a CASAEotA just a college application short answer essay.

comCT - What I used to call computers when I was really young. I have no idea how I would have capitalized and spelled it back then, so I just go with that spelling.

Cranther¹ - One time, pathvain_aelien mentioned one of her instructors in college, and I thought the name she said was "Cranther", which sounded like a very unique name so we use it a lot now as an inside joke.

Cranther² - My first Dungeons & Dragons character, who was apparently much less talkative than I am.

Crazymegavideo - See /crazymegavideo/.

creative tumor - My original term instead of "creative vortex", because I didn't have the common sense to know that people might not immediately notice the word "creative" every time. Can we move on?

creative vortex - An idea for something I want to make; although I don't have enough of these to actually consider myself creative, I do have way too many to focus on anything else for long enough. More info here.

Crystal Light nose - Originally, I used this phrase to refer to jerks, but nowadays it's been replaced by "chin rag".

dinner alley bus - See nibble like the dinner alley bus.

double-agent prophet - One who acts like a prophet and tells someone off for rejecting a religious figure, then goes on to claim that they're better than said religious figure. An example is Haley Prophet.

edot, edut, edat, edet - If I already added "EDIT: blah blah blah" to a post and need to edit again, the next one says "edot" instead of "edit". On SmackJeeves, I have sometimes gone further; after edot, it's edut, then edat, then edet.

el autor fue cancelado - Spanish translation of "author cancelled".

evil Snapple - Something you would NOT want to drink, apparently. Originated from the backwards lyrics to The Attack on Rue Plumet from Les Miserables.

exay - An essay on an exam. I no longer use this Matt1993ism because I decided it was lame.

face-cloningly sad - So sad that it prompts someone to type two or more :( faces in a row.

Flamewarmageddon - The site of the final battle between sane people and Internet trolls.

frozen pets - Some phrase from a weird dream I had. I have no clue what it means, but apparently, it has something to do with the apocalypse, my own death, and/or the number 666. Or maybe just the biology lab I was in later that school year where we observed a goldfish in gradually colder (though not actually frozen) water :P

govanagmanitate - A mix of the government, a manager, humanity, and fate. See also: celebritician.

Haley Prophet - A double-agent prophet in a dream I had who told me out for "rejecting" Jesus or something but then tried (and failed) to beat Jesus in a horse race. Originally known as "Haley the Double-Agent Prophet," a later dream confirmed that her last name is in fact "Prophet".

holy whole hand dealer - My equivalent of phrases like "holy sh**". Originated from the backwards lyrics to Strange World by Sarah McLachlan.
- Themed variants: holy whole robotic arm engineer

husking in - See care for husking in.

hypercheese - Four-dimensional cheese.

I[blur] - A really, REALLY weird video game from a dream I had. The main characters are /tensen/ and /crazymegavideo/. "Blur" is in the name because I only remember that the title was one word long and started with an I. I'm wanting to think it was something like "Inseparable", though...

Ides of Author Cancelled - April 8, the day of the first flame war on LiveJournal that involved me due to my badly formatted post in autism. I didn't call it the Ides of Author Cancelled until much later, though. See also: author cancelled.

imposter song - An iPod glitch where if you pause a song the instant it ends, the next song will play while the screen still shows the previous song and that it is paused. See also: plaused.

in otherelated news - See otherelated news.

Infinitember - The -∞th and ∞th month of the years ∞ B.C. and ∞ A.D, respectively. Both are ∞ days long.

Juke - One time, pathvain_aelien and I were reading the Mortal Instruments series, and one of us (I don't remember who) accidentally combined Jace's and Luke's names, resulting in "Juke", which has become a running gag for us until I learned one of the real meanings of the word "juke".

KnoneN - pathvain_aelien was going through e-mails that she and I used to send each other back and forth all the time, and one of my e-mails had a binary subject line that was apparently just random ones and zeros, as I tried translating it to find what I said and it wound up being "KnoneN".

let Olimar push the slush - A backwards lyric to Orinoco Flow by Enya, which I used to sometimes say randomly back when I still thought the only interpretation was Olimar pushing an actual giant slush (as in the drink), but not so much now that I realized it could be mistaken for an innuendo.

love equipment - See, back in first grade, I had a crush on a classmate and was obsessed with any word containing the letter Q, so...yeah. I came up with an innuendo while completely oblivious to it. At least now I have a phrase for FoxReplace to replace terms for reproductive organs with :P

Mark - The original name of Mark1993.

Mark1993 - An entity that is either my subconscious or a multiple personality, I'm not sure yet. When I am distracted, he/it tries to do everything for me, usually very poorly. More info here.

math of no - I don't know exactly, but it originated from the backwards lyrics to Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer from Cats, and apparently can be eaten.

Matt with peanut butter - From a weird dream I had where I looked up "Matt" on Wikipedia and it was one of the results. Sounds tasty. Eventually became my NaNoWriMo Youth Writer's Program username. (By the way, before I thought of the idea for Moya's Space Log, I never thought I'd say the preceding sentence.)

Matt1993ism - If you can't tell what exactly a Matt1993ism is, how did you know that the word Matt1993ism was a Matt1993ism? :P

MeBl - See annoyingmemium blasphemide.

milliwhile - One thousandth of a while. If you say that it has been a while since something, and then mention something else that was a while ago but more recent, a while is defined as the amount of time it has been since the first thing, which of course is then used to define the milliwhile.

Moya's Space Log - The first novel I decided to write for NNWM. It is based on Super Mario Galaxy 2, but instead of Mario (or sometimes Luigi) going into galaxies alone (or sometimes with Yoshi and/or the Co-Star Luma), both of the Mario Bros. and the "Brennan Sstrs." travel together. It's not finished yet.

nibble like the dinner alley bus - According to the backwards lyrics to The Hardest Part, one member of Coldplay (Yes, I don't know which. Can we move on?) eats like this. It's anyone guess how exactly the "dinner alley bus" eats, though...

no education for singer - Some weird phrase from a dream I had. I have no clue what it means.

notyetxel - A unit I made up that represents how much I need to get to work on something. If I'm in a situation that would have went better had I been done with something (e.g. if it's a creative vortex, this would be when I'm distracted by it, etc.), whatever it was I should've been done with gets 1 more notyetxel for each day since my college classes started. See also: bizel, procrastination point.

Octhipmunk - In Moya's Space Log, Moya refers to Goombas as chipmunks, and thus she also calls Octoombas Octhipmunks.

oh my yahhh - Something Enya keeps saying in the backwards lyrics to either Exile or Evening Falls (I don't remember which, and my Internet's being a chin rag and not loading OWY1U so I can search for it).

otherelated news - Not quite other news and not quite unrelated news.

óúlú÷b - There was this one time (before I was on LJ, probably in 2005 or maybe 2006) when the closed captioning on the TV was messed up and produced text like that. I remembered it because pathvain_aelien said, "I don't know what O U L U divided by B means."

Ours Will You 1-Up - A website I have on Google Sites about backwards lyrics to various songs I like. I took it down a while ago to redesign it, and sadly, due to all of my other creative vortexes, it has been that way for the past 2½ years. Name originated from the backwards lyrics to the first song I ever played backwards: Out of the Shadows by Sarah McLachlan.

pillowmask - A kind of mask from a dream I had that looks more like a pillow than a mask, though from what I remember they were all shaped like faces of some sort (for instance, mine was either of a red cat or Elmo). Despite having eyeholes, they are hard to see through. So far, I have only seen them worn in All Faiths Pineapple (and even AFP residents take them off outside, apparently).

plaused - An iPod glitch linked to the imposter song glitch, in which the screen says that a song is paused even though a different song is actually playing. Pressing pause when this happens makes the screen admit that a song is playing, but not what song it is. The pause button functions normally afterwards.

pre-Smackjeevzoic - Can technically refer to anything I did before I knew about SmackJeeves, but usually refers to the first version of PrtSc Land (since I didn't intend on putting it online back then).

procrastination points - Virtual points I earn by working on creative vortexes and use to "buy" procrastination - the only way I've found to keep myself from procrastinating too much. More info here. See also: bizel, notyetxel (both of which are part of the new system that is described in a friends-only entry).

procrastination sandwich - One attempt to work on something in the middle of weeks and/or months of procrastinating it.

proto-/crazymegavideo/ - See /crazymegavideo/.

PrtSc Land - A webcomic I had on SmackJeeves (or, originally, just on my computer) that started out being just screenshots of random things (mostly Neopets and ICQ) with jokes about them, and even though it became a crossover comic with a real (albeit not very sense-making) plot, it's not popular because the current version still has a few comics from the screenshot days and REALLY long explanations of the hundreds I didn't keep.
I considered restarting it on LJ (which I should've done in the first place) and just getting to the plot and saving screenshots for miscellaneous posts (see my "screenshots" tag). However, I probably won't actually restart it on LJ that way due to my lack of actual creativity, but I later thought of another idea: making a new version of each strip I still have somewhere that makes fun of the old version, akin to Homestar Runner's 10th anniversary remakes of Strongest Man in the World and Where My Hat is At?.
See also: Cameo Tokens, pre-Smackjeevzoic, PrtSc Land syndrome, Return to LiveJournal After Finally Getting Enough Constructive Criticism on PrtSc Land to Know Exactly What to Do With the Comic Day of Remembrance.

PrtSc Land Day - August 12, the anniversary of the day I started the pre-Smackjeevzoic version of PrtSc Land. Note that August 12 is 8/12 and 8÷12=.666666... Coincidence?

PrtSc Land Syndrome - This term was originally used more generally for any time that something I do is obviously a bad idea, yet I don't realize it until people are mean about it. Due to learning that the term "foot-in-mouth" already existed for that, I later decided to use "PrtSc Land Syndrome" to refer exclusively to foot-in-mouth that happens even though my close friends tell me it's a good idea. See also: PrtSc Land.

pucker up because it's time for lunch, pucker up because we're about to have some lunch - One of these is what a friend of mine thought I said instead of "Dr. Octagonapus & Watch", and the other is a misquotation of it. Not sure which is which. NOTE: I have the FoxReplace add-on installed on Firefox, and Dr. Octagonapus/Shoop Da Woop is one of the Internet memes that I only sometimes like, so sometimes I end up accidentally replacing Dr. Octagonapus & Watch with Dr. Hurley & Watch and Shoop Da Woop with frozen pets here. Please let me know when I do so I can fix it again.

pull a my wisdom teeth - To only hurt for one day.

push the slush - See let Olimar push the slush. Or maybe don't see let Olimar push the slush, because I rarely use that phrase now anyways.

qensor - To replace every letter with Q, the only letter of the alphabet for which there isn't at least one word with sexual connotation starting with it (at least there wasn't before I got a comment on this post).

qq, qqq, qqqq, etc. - See qensor.

qun - The letter Q dressed as a nun, as seen in one of my userpics.

replise¹ - To revise something and then reply to it.

replise² - To reply suddenly. According to pathvain_aelien, either she or I accidentally said that instead of "replied suddenly", but I don't remember it.

Return to LiveJournal After Finally Getting Enough Constructive Criticism on PrtSc Land to Know Exactly What to Do With the Comic Day of Remembrance - A holiday on February 6 that I made up to celebrate exactly what the name implies (which happened February 6, 2009). See also: PrtSc Land

Schrödinger's Celebrity - A LJer who may or may not be a certain celebrity, given their username, birthday, location, interests, etc.

Schrödinger's Enya - A person I met on LJ who may or may not be Enya. If she has added you as a friend, the numbers 206, 113, 93, 762, 252, 259, 2524744, and 2594744 are lucky and the numbers 14 and either 3500 or 5300 are unlucky. Or at least my dreams and gematria calculations seem to imply this...

Schrödinger's Sarah McLachlan - Although I have yet to meet a Sarah McLachlan equivalent of Schrödinger's Enya on LJ, I have had four dreams so far that seem to imply that I eventually will (assuming I didn't already scare her away from my journal like I seem to have done with SE):
- One dream only involved the name "Schrödinger's Sarah McLachlan".
- One dream showed Sarah M inflated and called her "Schrödinger's Sarah McLachlan" as if her being inflated is what made me unsure of her identity.
- One dream didn't use the term SSM, but it did involve me talking to 3 women who all resembled Sarah M except that one was fat.
- One dream involved me being in a class taught by "Schrödinger's Sarah McLachlan", who actually looked 100% like Sarah M (similar to the second dream, except this time she wasn't even inflated).

It's possible that Schrödinger's Sarah McLachlan in my dreams actually represents my liking Sarah McLachlan on Facebook, although this is less out of the ordinary than a LJer who may or may not be Sarah M friending me on LJ, as was the case with Schrödinger's Enya.

Sketch-a-Doodle - A villain in an Edible Castle/The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! crossover in a dream I had once. He creates monsters by drawing them, though the monsters created are usually just any monsters basically the same shape as what he draws. He kinda looks like a mix between a demon and Mitch Overlord from the Strong Bad E-mail best thing, if I remember correctly.

skidhole - My word for a**hole, originating from the backwards lyrics to Paint the Sky with Stars by Enya. Has been deprecated; now I mostly use "chin rag" for any word that basically means jerk or stupid person. See also: yellow beat.

Tensen - See /tensen/.

The Back of Us - A government organization in a dream I had who got McDonald's to upgrade its security and install prison cells because they interpreted some moldy and/or rotten food someone had left as a bomb threat. In the dream, I thought they were completely insane, but for some reason still supported them. In English Gematria, "The Back of Us" = 666, so I'm worried that I'll end up reacting the same way to the antichrist's policies that I did to TBOU's.

uChIN RA G - Text that shows up in a glitch that's possible in Super Mario World, but only when hacked. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVSO1WlmMRQ (not my video, by the way; I don't even have a YouTube account) and skip to 1:06 for more info. This inspired my usage of "chin rag" to refer to jerks. See also: Crystal Light nose.

Uncle Yogurt - Who I'm guessing would replace Uncle Sam if yogurt took over the government.

Wænya (originally spelled Waenya) - A rival to Enya in the same way that Wario and Waluigi are to Mario and Luigi. She was mentioned in the backwards lyrics to Never Want to Say It's Love by Dido, so I went ahead and designed her on OWY1U. I've heard "Wadido" and "Warah" mentioned in backwards lyrics (since Sarah McLachlan sang both of the songs they're from, it's safe to assume the latter is "Warah McWachlan") as well, so I'll design those characters once OWY1U is back up.

what the beat coping gnat, what the cattle note, what the noose mug Yoshi, what the sail - All of these are various substitutes for "what the h***" or "what the f***". The origins are from the backwards versions of The Old Gumbie Cat (Cats), Til Kingdom Come (Coldplay), Good Enough (Sarah McLachlan), and Mary (Sarah McLachlan), respectively. "What the cattle note" and "what the sail" are most common, though the former has become less common since I realized that the acronym WTCN could also stand for "what the Chuck Norris". See also: cattle note.

yellow beat - A rarely-used euphemism for the A word that originated from the backwards lyrics to Do What You Have To Do by Sarah McLachlan: "I've been hoping they kiss my yellow beat." See also: skidhole, yellowbeatume.

yellowbeatume - Used in place of "assume" whenever I need to make a joke about making a YELLOW BEAT out of U and ME instead of a less appropriate version of said joke. Which, so far, was only once. See also: yellow beat.

you chin rag - See uChIN RA G.

you're thankscome - What you say when you need to say "thanks" about one thing a person said and "you're welcome" about another at once.


AFP - All Faiths Pineapple
CASAEotA - College Application Short Answer Essay of the Apocalypse
CT - Cameo Token (though comCT, another Matt1993ism, is unrelated, and creative tumor was never abbreviated before OR after I changed the term to "creative vortex")
NNWM - National Novel Writing Month (I dislike calling it NaNoWriMo - if you're gonna reduce each word to the first 2 or 3 letters, you might as well go ahead and reduce each word to one letter)
OMY - oh my yahhh
OWY1U - Ours Will You 1-Up
PSL - PrtSc Land
PSLS - PrtSc Land Syndrome
RTLJAFGECCOPSLTKEWTDWTCDOR - Return to LiveJournal After Finally Getting Enough Constructive Criticism on PrtSc Land to Know Exactly What to Do With the Comic Day of Remembrance
SE - Schrödinger's Enya
SSE - If I use it in a context where "Subspace Emissary" wouldn't make any sense, it's probably a typo caused by accidentally combining SE and SSM, in which case, I probably meant SSM.
SSM - Schrödinger's Sarah McLachlan
STCNU - shut the cattle note up
TBOU - The Back of Us
WTBCG - what the beat coping gnat
ZOMY - <sarcasm>oh my yahhh</sarcasm>

Tags: "moya's space log", /crazymegavideo/, /tensen/, 1, 1 corinthians, 1000, 113, 12, 14, 192, 2, 2.5ble dates, 2.8ble dates, 2.9ble dates, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2018, 206, 252, 2524744, 259, 2594744, 3, 3500, 4, 40, 408, 48, 5, 512, 5192, 5300, 6, 666, 7, 762, 797, 8, 812, 93, 97, aaaaafafaf-f d, acronyms, albino toast, all faiths pineapple, alphabet, annoying things, apocalypse, april, august, author cancelled, b, back of riley's head, backwards lyrics, backwards music, banning, bible, big crayola mess, binary, blasphemy, books, brain challenge, buffy, calculators, cameo tokens, cameos, capitalization, cartoons, cats, celebrities, celery, censorship, cheese, chipmunks, christianity, chuck norris, coldplay, comct, comics, common sense, computers, cranther, crayola, crayons, creative vortexes, cringeworthy entries, crossovers, crushes, crystal light noses, cussing, death, demons, dido, dinner alley bus, doctor hurley, double-agent prophets, dr. octagonapus, drawing, dreams, dreamwidth, drinks, dungeons & dragons, earth, edible castle, elmo, email, enya, epic fail, essays, evil, fanfiction, fat, february, flame wars, focusing, food, formatting, fourth dimension, foxreplace, friends, frozen pets, game & watch, garfield, garfield randomizer, gay marriage, gay rights, glitches, glossaries, goombas, government, haley prophet, helium, holidays, holy whole hand dealer, horseback, horses, humans, hyperbole, hypercheese, i, i[blur], icq, ides of author cancelled, imposter songs, infinitember, infinity, inflated women, inside jokes, internet memes, ipods, irregular times, jace, jerks, jesus, jolly dumple, juke, knonen, l, lame, lazer collection, les miserables, let olimar push the slush, life for rent, links, little big adventure, livejournal, lj friends, lj profile, lj-cuts, lolcat bible, love equipment, lucky numbers, luigi, luke, lumas, mario, mark1993, masks, math, matt with peanut butter, matt1993isms, may, mcdonald's, mitch overlord, monsters, mortal instruments, moya, mr. game & watch, multiple personality disorder, names, nanowrimo, negative numbers, neopets, nintendo, no education for singer, numbers, nuns, o, octoombas, octopi, oh my yahhh, old english, olimar, ours will you 1-up, paint the sky with stars, pathvain_aelien, peanut butter, pikmin, pillowmasks, pillows, pineapples, plaused, politicians, politics, portmanteaus, procrastination points, professors, proto-/crazymegavideo/, prtsc land, prtsc land day, prtsc land syndrome, public entries, pucker up because it's time for lunch, q, qun, races, reading, red, regrets, religion, repost buttons, revelations, riley finn, roman numerals, rovanda, rtljafgeccopsltkewtdwtcdor, sadness, safe trip home, sandwiches, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, sbemails, schrödinger's celebrities, schrödinger's enya, schrödinger's sarah mclachlan, screenshots, sesame street, sexual innuendo, shoop da woop, siblings, singers, sketch-a-doodle, smackjeeves, smileys, snapple, space, spanish, spelling, squids, stcnu, sticky entries, strong bad, stupidity, subject lines, super mario galaxy 2, super mario world, super nintendo, super smash bros., super smash bros. brawl, tags, tests, the back of us, the super mario bros. super show!, tl;dr, toast, toys, trolls, tumors, twinsen, u, uchin ra g, uncle sam, unlucky numbers, unpopular opinions, usernames, userpics, video games, wadido, waluigi, warah mcwachlan, wario, water, water balloons, webcomics, what the sail, wii, wtbcg, wtcn, wtnmy, wænya, yellow, yogurt, yoshi, youtube, zero, óúlú÷b

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