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Ite'd part 2

Today I took the spelling portion and two math portions of the ITED. This is the first day I've taken ITED or ITBS tests in which I managed to answer EVERY question on ALL of the sections I took that day. Go me!!

Also, a funny incident happened with my lunch. Y'see, my locker has one shelf near the very top, and although there is nothing that is always put on that shelf, certain things tend to be on it, my lunch being one of them. Today, I was apparently too tired to put it there and threw it down at the bottom with most of my binders and books instead. Then, when it was time for lunch, I couldn't find my lunch on the top shelf and thought I had either forgotten to bring it or left it in the room that the ITEDs were taken in. (Yes, sometimes I'm stupid enough to do that.) I got several teachers involved in searching for it until I finally found it in my locker after all.

Tags: binders, books, itbs, ited, lunch, math, puns, spelling, stupidity, teachers, tired

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