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Well, looks like my PSL-styled userpics are gonna be late this year, as it's already August 11 (or August 12 in some timezones) and I'm only up to the K's (I'm going alphabetically by the original userpics' filenames on my computer). So, no replacing my regular userpics this year either. I've gotta start making the PSL-styled userpics right after I make the regular ones...

By the way, I bet some of you have been wondering, "Are you also going to make alternate versions of your userpics for real holidays instead of just for the anniversary of the Internet's worst webcomic?" Yes, I actually have been considering recreating my userpics in alternate styles for the following holidays (but not necessarily the very next time each holiday occurs), in order from most to least likely:

- Christmas (By baking Christmas cookies based on my userpics. Might be too time-consuming, though.)
- Halloween (Carving my userpics onto jack-o'-lanterns. All those pumpkins might be too expensive, though, and like the Christmas cookies, probably will be too time-consuming.)
- Easter (Drawing my userpics on Easter eggs. Might be a little time-consuming, but not as much so as the Christmas cookies or jack-o'-lanterns; however, I'm slightly less interested in making this style)
- St. Patrick's Day (Making all my userpics green-tinted. Since that's not as unique to each userpic [for lack of a better phrasing] as the other styles, I probably won't do this one, but then again, I might)


Tags: 11, 12, alphabetical order, august, busy, christmas, christmas cookies, computer, easter, easter eggs, filenames, green, halloween, holidays, hypothetical questions, internet, jack-o'-lanterns, k, procrastination, prtsc land, prtsc land day, pumpkins, st. patrick's day, time zones, trick-or-treating, uniqueness, userpics, webcomics

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