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Let'c do the tiue warq ajain

3 days ago, my mom found 7 binders' worth of the notes from back when I was in therapy! It's really interesting to look through it and see how far I've come. Some observations I've found so far that surprise me:

- I apparently used to get the letters C and S, P and Q, U and M, and G and J mixed up a lot despite still becoming able to read before kindergarten, and also despite my obsession with the letter Q around first grade. Plus, in my grapheme→color synesthesia, most of those letters are completely different colors (C S P Q U M G J), and I never confused Q and G even though their colors are the closest out of any of these, so I must not have had it back then.
- I seemingly used to not like ketchup, as when the therapists were teaching me about choices, they'd ask me whether I wanted a certain food that I liked or a certain food that I hated, and the food I "hated" would sometimes be ketchup.
- I was actually better at pretend play than I remember - in fact, I bet my 3-year-old self just might be better at D&D dialogue than I am today :)

While rereading the notes, I also like to put my iTunes on shuffle, and when a song that isn't from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, or Super Mario World (i.e., a song I first heard after age 3) comes up, I try to get an idea of how my 3-year-old self would feel if he time-travelled to when I first heard it by pretending that I'm 3 years old but born in 2008 instead of 1993 and that my "future" self will first hear the song 15 years after I actually first heard it. (example: with the exception of "Sand in My Shoes", I first heard each song from Dido's Life for Rent in 2007, which in 1996 was 11 years in the future, so I tell myself that I'll hear it for the first time in 2022) :)

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