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You call yourself a smartpen?

Have any of you had a Livescribe Echo Smartpen? Because I got one for my birthday, and from what I've seen so far, it's almost impossible to figure out because:

1) The info buttons in the interactive tutorial don't work regardless of how hard I tap them. (And yes, I know to tap them with my "smart"pen and not, say, my finger :P ) All the other buttons work just fine, but the info buttons don't.

2) Docking my "smart"pen to my computer supposedly automatically transfers notes to Livescribe Desktop, but it doesn't. The website said that it's recommended to plug it into a USB port on the back of my computer rather than on the side, but I don't have any on the back. Does this mean that I can't use my "smart"pen just because I was unlucky enough to buy a laptop with no USB ports on the back?

3) Similarly, my pen doesn't recognize the "computer" command to upload my notes to Livescribe Desktop, regardless of whether or not I write it legibly enough so that it actually says "Computer" and not "Computep" on the pen's screen, despite Livescribe Desktop claiming that the command works.

4) A screenshot of Livescribe Desktop in the tutorial shows some elements of the interface that seem to be missing from my copy. They should be here:

EDIT: ellaina02 helped me figure all of these out, but seriously, why don't they tell you step-by-step how to do all this stuff in the correct order?

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