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Divine Internetvention

At some point between when I got off my computer last night and when I first got on it today, my wireless Internet connection stopped working, yet it displayed conflicting connection levels: "limited connectivity", yet the signal strength was "very good" (4 bars out of 5).

I thought for a moment that it might be God's way of telling me that I need to wait until after I've went through my college supply checklist or something before I finish writing my birthday LJ post in advance, but I decided that might be reading too far into it and tried my dial-up connection. I was able to get onto my e-mail and Facebook, but not LJ, despite the fact that downforeveryoneorjustme.com said that LJ was up.

So then I decided, just for grins, to go through my college supply checklist and see which of the items listed I have already to see if that was really it. I didn't even have to buy any of the items I didn't have or wasn't sure I had, or gather them up in a suitcase or anything - right after I was done just going through the list and checking stuff off, I went back to my computer and the wireless connection was working again!

I still might be reading too far into this after all (especially since, now that I think about it, I forgot to count how many shirts I have to make sure there are at least 14 like the list says), but it's certainly interesting, isn't it? :)

Tags: 14, 4, 5, birthday, checklists, college, computer, dial-up internet, divine intervention, down for everyone or just me, e-mail, facebook, forgetfulness, god, internet, livejournal, lj entries, shirts, suitcases, wireless internet

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