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Yesterday at 10:30 PM or so, I got a Jolly Rancher popsicle, but it kept sliding down the stick and I had to constantly hold it up with one finger, possibly giving said finger frostbite. Now I am the first person to ever get frostbite in the spring. :( Then I stayed up until 12:34 AM reading City of Glass with pathvain_aelien.

Today, I started math homework and organizing my binders at 12:24 PM and finished at 2 PM.

Does anyone know for SURE that it's Saturday? This lack of free time almost makes it seem like it isn't...

Tags: 10, 1030, 12, 1224, 1234, 2, 200, binders, city of glass, free time, frostbite, homework, hypothetical questions, jolly ranchers, math, mortal instruments, organization, pathvain_aelien, popsicles, saturday, spring, stress

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