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Facebook conversation with glowing_dragon

glowing_dragon: FINALLY HAS MAIL! Hahahaha... why is my hydro bill only $7.97?! (Matt Aaron would get a kick out of this)
ME: Maybe /crazymegavideo/ stole all the water you didn't use? :)
GLOWING_DRAGON: HAHAHAHA! Maybe that's so! In that case, why are your dream characters stealing MY real-life water?!
ME: I suspect it's a top-secret mission from The Back of Us. They do lots of evil things like that, and yet apparently I support them for some reason.
GLOWING_DRAGON: Your subconscious is a riot, I tell ya!
ME: By the way, can I post this conversation in LJ? (the part about the dreams, anyway) I wanna keep it :)
GLOWING_DRAGON: Hahaha, sure... as long as you give me my own tag. :D
ME: Will do!

Tags: /crazymegavideo/, 797, bills, dreams, evil, facebook, glowing_dragon, humor, inside jokes, mail, stealing, subconscious, tags, the back of us, water

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