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This countdown is left up, right?

Time until I leave for my graduation ceremony

Time until I arrive at the church for my graduation ceremony

Maximum time until I graduate (I'm not sure what time I graduate, but I know it's between 5:00 and 6:30, so the actual time until I graduate could be up to an hour and 30 minutes less than what this countdown shows)

Once the last countdown is down to 5400 seconds (which equals an hour and 30 minutes) or less, you can find the percent chance that I've already graduated with this formula: [(5400 - x) / 54]% where x is the number of seconds left. :)

Tags: 30, 400, 430, 500, 54, 5400, 630, 7is7.com, 90, church, countdowns, formulas, graduation, math, percentages

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