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¡El autor NO fue cancelado!

First of all, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Enya and/or Schrödinger's Enya!!! Hope it was a good one!

In otherelated news, I'm back from my trip to Puerto Rico! Overall, the trip was great, but it was also very tiring, so I'm also glad I'm finally home :)

Making it through airport security required a TON of prompting from the security guards and from my group (I didn't even have the common sense to take off my sunglasses so they could see if I really matched the photo on my driver's license), but at least I made it!

Communicating with the children at the children's home (not an orphanage, like I had previously thought) was EVERY bit as difficult as I had expected. Actually, maybe even more difficult, because throughout the whole time we were there, the children (as a collective) only spoke four different words/phrases clearly enough that even I could understand them: "gafas", "no puede", "no sabe", and...I forget the other one. Plus, I haven't had much experience with non-video-game children's play anyways - due to my autism, I used to absolutely hate any sort of activities that involved pretending (even if it was just writing a short story in school), so this was probably the first time I actually attempted any (aside from D&D). So, about the only things I could do most of the time were smiling and waving at them, watching as other people successfully played with them, and letting them borrow my sunglasses (that's why they said "gafas" so often). Oh well, apparently they still liked me anyways :)

The rest of the trip went pretty well, though! I got to visit lots of places such as El Yunque rain forest and the cathedral in Old San Juan. I also got to swim in the ocean and snorkel! :)

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