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We three topics of LiveJournal post we are...

I finished the final copy of my research paper. It was easy to do, since there were only a few corrections my teacher suggested. About time.

I also got my braces tightened yesterday. Ouch. Fortunately, my braces pulled a my wisdom teeth and only hurt that day. :)

By the way, there was something I was wondering. You see, on Ours Will You 1-Up, I currently censor not only actual cuss words found in backwards lyrics, but also things like bathroom humor, sexual implications (even without cuss words), and some euphemisms for cuss words. I came up with an idea for a feature to add in the redesign I am planning: clicking the last letter of a song title takes you to a version with only actual cusses censored (a trick I will actually mention on the site, so it's not a secret), but clicking any other letter takes you to a version like I have now. If I did that, would I have to mark Ours Will You 1-Up as containing adult content in the site settings or not? (@pathvain_aelien: I know "shizzle" means "real". I'm not talking about that.)

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