Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word? (matt1993) wrote,
Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

Dungeon of Matt1993

I died in the Dungeon of Matt1993

I was killed in an insect-bored tomb by Sarea Okelani the owlbear, whilst carrying...

the Crown of Peaceluvesmiles, the Sceptre of Foxreplace, a Figurine of Foundunicorn, the Dagger of Cupcake Goth, the Dagger of Madefromstars, a Figurine of Da Beachball, the Axe of Flamingsheeppoo, a Figurine of Jynxgirl, the Sword of Emily Swank and 103 gold pieces.

Score: 176

Explore the Dungeon of Matt1993 and try to beat this score,
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Funny scenes:

You find yourself in a candlelit mausoleum. You hear the sound of mac & cheese in the distance.

What does mac & cheese sound like?!

You find yourself in a sand-floored catacomb. Bones are scattered in the shape of 206.

And 206 happens to be how many bones there are in the human body...haha!

You find yourself in a narrow alcove. A wooden sign warns of french fries.


You find yourself in a foul-smelling tomb. Crude images of print screen land are daubed on the walls.

That's redundant!

You are walking through an enormous arena. Rich tapestries illustrate gamecube.

I love anachronisms.

Tags: cupcake_goth, da_beachball, emily_swank, flamingsheeppoo, foundunicorn, foxreplace, jynxgirl, lj dungeon adventure, macaroni & cheese, madefromstars, meme, peaceluvesmiles, sarea_okelani,

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