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Coincidences galore

Tomorrow will be:

- the 666th day before the Mayan calendar ends
- the 651st day before 12-06-12
- the 206th day after I had the dream that seems to foretell my meeting Schrödinger's Enya
- the 113th day after 11-3-10
- the 252nd day before 11-3-11 (113 + 252 = 365! I never noticed that until now)

Also, this is my 600th entry! Yay!!!

Tags: 113, 2010, 2011, 2012, 206, 252, 365, 600, 651, 666, coincidences, december, dreams, lj entry milestones, mayan calendar, november, numbers, prophecy, schrödinger's enya

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