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I understand that it's a way of celebrating the revolution, but who names their daughter Facebook? I'd understand if an Egyptian business, an Egyptian city, or to a lesser extent, Egypt itself were renamed Facebook, but a person? Won't that just make it harder for her to understand what Facebook (the site) is? After all, I'd never heard of HAZMAT before I watched the Strong Bad E-mail couch patch, so I used to think that the text on The Poopsmith's "HAS MATT?" uniform might somehow read from the currently logged-in user's username on the computer (despite the fact that I think I was just "default" or "owner" or something on that computer) and thus show up as "HAS JENNIFER?" or "HAS JENN?" for pathvain_aelien and so on; therefore, I can only imagine how bad such misconceptions would be for someone with the name Facebook.

Tags: 88, age 11, computers, egypt, egypt revolution, facebook, hazmat, homestar runner, humor, misunderstanding, names, npr, pathvain_aelien, sbemails, social networking, strong bad, stupidity, the poopsmith, usernames

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