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New Year's resolution progress (if you can call it that)

←Week 6 Week 8→

Feb 12:

Feb 13:

Feb 14:

Feb 15:

Feb 16:

Feb 17:

Feb 18:

green: The dark green shows how many days I had worked on one of my projects up to that day. I succeed if some elaborate origami folding of the fabric of space-time causes it to reach the light green area.
red: shows how many days I had procrastinated and/or been too busy up to that day. I fail if it enters the pink area. A.k.a. on February 22. :(

I only have three more days that I can get away with procrastinating and/or being too busy, and the Research Paper of the Apocalypse always requires more than that. :(

Tags: apocalypse, busy, fabric of space and time, failing, february, generic posts, new year's resolutions, origami, procrastination, research paper

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