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Yes, Chao-Ahn, the flashcard monsters are attacking (I still haven't made that userpic?!)

It's the Research Paper of the Apocalypse again!!! :(

At least I have my topic already...

And now for something completely different:

A woman suddenly died at her office cubicle, but wasn't found dead until a day later. Sad. :(

And now for something completely different in a completely different way:

Guy dressed up as Mario plays real-life Mario Kart. Funny, but also makes you wonder how he gets away with it.

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but we have our wireless Internet back! Yay!

Tags: aol news, apocalypse, chao-ahn, death, flashcards, humor, joystiq, mario, mario kart, nintendo, not being noticed, office, pranks, randomness, research paper, topic jumping, video games, wireless internet

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