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These'd be weird to include in a repost of my previous entry, so here's a separate entry for them

I've had a LOT of homework lately. That's why I haven't been on LJ in a while - I didn't have the time until just now. To make matters worse, our air card for high-speed Internet broke, so now we're having to resort to dial-up, which means that while using my computer, I have to switch back and forth between two uncomfortable positions: sitting on the floor, and laying on my bed looking down at my computer that's still on the floor but now has the screen upside-down so I can read it more easily. I have to type upside-down in the latter position, too, which means I type WAY slower. But at least it looks cool to scroll up and down like that :)

Several links I've been meaning to post for awhile:

Farmville for Dummies? Really?

A candy heart with an adult message? Really²?

A toilet video game system? Really³?

Shooting teenagers for being too mouthy? Really⁴?

And finally, as usual, my progress with my procrastination New Year's Resolution:

←Week 5 Week 7→

Feb 5:

Feb 6:

Feb 7:

Feb 8:

Feb 9:

Feb 10:

Feb 11:

green: The dark green shows how many days I had worked on one of my projects up to that day. I succeed if it enters the light green area. (Like that'll ever happen...)
red: shows how many days I had procrastinated and/or been too busy up to that day. I fail if it enters the pink area.

Great, this means that if more than 10 days are unusually busy like this weekend has been, I'm definitely gonna fail this one too :(

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