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New Year's resolution progress

←Week 4 Week 6→

Here's how I did this week on my resolution about doing less than 4 stupid things a day on average:

Jan 29:

Jan 30:

Jan 31:

Feb 1:

Feb 2:


orange - amount of stupid things I did up to that day. Sometimes I lose count, but can come up with lower and upper bounds of how many stupid things I did, so the dark orange represents the best-case scenario while it and the light orange together represent the worst-case scenario.
purple - maximum stupid things I could do up to that day and still keep my resolution (i.e. 4 × number of days into the year - 1). Never did show up on its own.
maroon - orange and purple coexisting. A lighter maroon, if it were here, would have the same function as light orange.
The reason there are two graphs for each day is because 1,460 pixels is too wide, so I cut each graph into two 730-pixel-wide graphs.

Yup, I failed. But, as I've said several times (pathvain_aelien, are you listening?), starting in March I'm gonna separate my stupid things into a few categories and try to reach a similar goal: on average, less than four of each type of stupid thing per day for the rest of the year. So, since March through December have a total of 306 days, this adds up to 1,223 or less of each type of stupid thing in all. The categories will be:

Being distracted
Lack of common sense
Staying in bed too late
Being too loud or quiet
Saying stupid things
Not making right amount of eye contact
Tiptoeing, etc.

I might come up with more categories before March.

And here's how I'm doing on the resolution about working an hour a day on one of my semi-creative projects:

Jan 29:

Jan 30:

Jan 31:

Feb 1:

Feb 2:

Feb 3:

Feb 4:

green: The dark green shows how many days I had worked on one of my projects up to that day. I succeed if it enters the light green area. (Like that'll ever happen...)
red: shows how many days I had procrastinated and/or been too busy up to that day. I fail if it enters the pink area.

Although it looks like I procrastinated two whole weeks in a row, I have actually been working on userpics and even part 10 of Moya's Space Log, but I couldn't include it because it wasn't for an hour total each day (though I think I nearly had it a couple of times). :(

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