Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word? (matt1993) wrote,
Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

These are pretty cool

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 13627499
Date Created:8-19-07
Number of Posts: 577

Matt1993 is quite a nerd - he will spend the entire day at his computer if he can! He also loves Mario games, macaroni & cheese, drawing well with MS Paint (yes, you heard that right), and sleeping. His ultimate celebrity crush is Enya, whom he may or may not have, in fact, met on LiveJournal!!
Strengths: Not obsessed with Internet memes, able to see both sides of an issue.
Weaknesses: Autism, unable to be forced to be creative, bad at paying attention for more than 20 seconds.
Special Skills: Mathematical & computer talent, somewhat expert MS Paint artist, grapheme→color synesthesia, prophetic dreams.
Weapons: PrtSc the Yoshi (Normal-type, 90% chance of encasing opponent in an egg for one turn and doing 1d6 damage), Four-Dimensional Punch (Normal-type, 3d6 damage with 40% chance of confusing opponent), Synesthesia (Normal-type, blue-d-orange damage), Calculus Problem (Electric-type, ∫[(1d10-4)x²+(1d10-4)x+(1d10-4),x,-(1d4),1d4] damage, 60% chance of confusing opponent).
Type: Electric

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Tarot Cards
A 16-bit nerd and his faithful Yoshi companion silently wait on a plain background.
Divinatory Meanings: The nerd signifies near-genius intelligence, but unfortunately, only for a few things. The Yoshi represents a certain creative endeavor, though it may be heavily criticized.
Reversed: Distractions, introvertedness, laziness, loss of control, boredom.
Lucky and Unlucky Numbers: Lucky: 93, 113, 150, 206, 252, 762, 5192; unlucky: 14, 15, 151, 651, 666, 668, 797, 977, 3500, 5300, 35000, 53000.

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Tags: 113, 15, 151, 206, 666, 668, 797, 977, artwork, autism, bad luck, bored, calculus, celebrities, computer, creativity, crush, distractions, drawing, dreams, dungeons & dragons, enya, fourth dimension, intelligence, internet memes, laziness, livejournal, luck, macaroni & cheese, mario, math, ms paint, nerds, nonconstructive criticism, not paying attention, numbers, paid accounts, pokemon, prophecy, prtsc land, prtsc the yoshi, schrödinger's enya, sleeping, synesthesia, video games, yoshi

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