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My resolution: -4791×-313

School has been pretty good so far - there hasn't been very much homework yet :) Unfortunately, that will probably change within a week or two :(

Various things that happened:

January 2 was Stephen's birthday! pathvain_aelien and I both got him fantasy books, if I remember correctly.

Apparently, I was so used to being on LiveJournal that I almost wrote my name as Matt1993 instead of Matt Aaron on my pretest in Finance (which replaces Speech this semester, thankfully; while I'm on the subject, Economics replaced Government as well). I then proceeded to write in my The Notebook, "You might be a Matt1993 if you almost write your name as 'Matt1993' instead of 'Matt1993'...See, I just did it again! Instead of 'Matt Aaron' on your pretest in Finance." I did the same thing on my first Physics assignment this semester, too. Fortunately, I haven't done it since then.

I finally remembered to write the funny answer choices from my English exam last semester in my The Notebook, and so I'll write them here too:

44. What statement would you include in a summary of the first section of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?
a. The Green Knight has a beard.

68. Which of the following is true of all epigrams?
c. They confuse the reader.

Also, a funny typo (if you can call it that) that I almost wrote in my essay:
"Not only does [the Summoner] get drunk frequently, but one can easily bride him..."

ellaina02's birthday was January 5. She didn't really want us to do much for her birthday, so P_A and I just got her a card if I remember correctly.

In class that day, we were randomly talking about apocalypse predictions, which caused one of my friends to write down "2012" instead of "scarf". Lol!

Since 45-49 minutes that passed by on New Year's Day (or maybe the day before or after that, I'm not sure) felt like only 10-15, I added this as a new point to my data from this and recalculated when time will turn around: sometime between July 2014 and May 2016. :O

Cool video I found:

I will have to clean my entire closet sometime this weekend. Blyh. :(

I'm gonna post my weekly progress with my New Year's resolutions every Saturday.

Week 2→

Here's how I did this week on my resolution about doing less than 4 stupid things a day on average:

Jan 1:

Jan 2:

Jan 3:

Jan 4:

Jan 5:

Jan 6:

Jan 7:

orange - amount of stupid things I did up to that day. Sometimes I lose count, but can come up with lower and upper bounds of how many stupid things I did, so the dark orange represents the best-case scenario while it and the light orange together represent the worst-case scenario.
purple - maximum stupid things I could do up to that day and still keep my resolution (i.e. 4 × number of days into the year - 1). As you can see, I'm doing pretty badly, because it hasn't even shown up on its own yet :(
maroon - orange and purple coexisting. A lighter maroon, if it were here, would have the same function as light orange.
The reason there are two graphs for each day is because 1,460 pixels is too wide, so I cut each graph into two 730-pixel-wide graphs.

I can't catch up until February 3 :(

And here's how I'm doing on the resolution about working an hour a day on one of my semi-creative projects:

Jan 1:

Jan 2:

Jan 3:

Jan 4:

Jan 5:

Jan 6:

Jan 7:

green: The dark green shows how many days I had worked on one of my projects up to that day. I succeed if it enters the light green area.
red: shows how many days I had procrastinated and/or been too busy up to that day. I fail if it enters the pink area. Which is probably going to be pretty soon :(


( 6 pigeons used the Internet — You're quite honest, aren't you? )
Jan. 9th, 2011 12:38 pm (UTC)
My usual approach to daily goals like this is to reset the meter each day. That means that if I fail to work on my novel on Saturday (which I did), then it's disappointing, but I let go of it and on Sunday, I only need to work on my novel, I don't need to work on it twice as hard.

The problem with cumulative daily goals is that each day you fail makes the next day harder. If your ultimate goal is to improve your habits, then I think that viewing each day as a new chance to succeed or fail is more beneficial than viewing each day as a chance to fail at making up for previous failures...

Good luck!
Jan. 9th, 2011 08:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)

The first New Year's resolution isn't actually a daily goal - the goal is to do less than 1,460 stupid things by the end of the year. It's just that the number was chosen so that, on average, it would be less than 4 per day. The fact that I had always done more stupid things than my "daily" goal says to only means that if the amounts of stupid things I did each of those days were repeated over and over for the rest of the year (i.e. 8 stupid things each Saturday, 6 each Sunday, etc.), then I would fail, but there's still hope of doing few enough stupid things to catch up. Especially since yesterday, I only did 3 :)
Jan. 10th, 2011 12:19 am (UTC)
Glad you had a good first week back at school! Maybe it will be closed tomorrow! And you got Stephen fantasy books, I got him some trapping stuff that he wanted. :)
Jan. 10th, 2011 12:38 am (UTC)
And you got Stephen fantasy books, I got him some trapping stuff that he wanted. :)

Ah, I thought we decided that one of them was from me and one was from you :)
Jan. 12th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Yay for not much homework yet! I wish I could go back to school. I have accidentally written "Dora," as my name before. My friend gave me that nickname, and I had it stuck in my head. It would have looked pretty silly! Totally different from 'Chrissy,' !!!

Boo for needing to clean your closet.. That's not fun. I thought when I was a kid that when I grew up I'd be "naturally" (for want of a better word right now) tidy like my mum... But my closet is just as filled with stuff as always.
Jan. 13th, 2011 02:23 am (UTC)
Actually, now I am starting to have as much homework as I normally did last semester. :(

I cleaned my room (with pathvain_aelien's help) somewhat recently, but within about 2 weeks it already started to get messy again. :(
( 6 pigeons used the Internet — You're quite honest, aren't you? )


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