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Uh, King, you wrote a broken userpic on this piece of paper

Is this userpic animated? Because it's supposed to be, but on my computer it only animates in Irfanview even though all of my other animated userpics (including the other new ones) work fine.

In fact, even the userpic I animated with AFTER I uploaded this one works.

EDIT: I fixed it by taking screenshots of each of the frames in Firefox, cropping everything except the frames in the screenshots, resaving them, and putting the new copies of the frames into, and now it should work because I have it open in Internet Explorer and it's animated. Yay!!

Tags: animated gifs, computer, firefox, gickr, glitches, internet explorer, irfanview, king of town, lasagna, numbers, sbemails, screenshots, strong bad, userpics

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