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The end of the end of the end of the beginning of the end of the beginning

EDIT WAY LATER: It turns out that there are two guys in my college dorm named Mark, so in order to keep things from getting weird if either of them gets a LiveJournal (if they don't have one already) and friend me, I have renamed my possible other personality Mark1993 rather than just Mark.

I did pretty well on my Spanish final. I didn't get to finish translating the whole thing I had written, but I got most of it translated, and it's past the 100-word minimum anyway. My teacher says that I can finish it after Christmas break (and she's allowing 3 of my classmates to do the same). Yay for Christmas break!!

Also, you know how I am easily distracted while listening or reading because any given word or phrase might remind me of something else that I start thinking about instead until it reminds me of something else, and so on - and it also happens just because I'm bored? Well, for a while now I've thought of the kind of mistakes I make while doing that as my subconscious taking over and trying (and almost always failing) to do everything based entirely on instinct like a robot. I've recently started reading The Bird's Nest by Shirley Jackson, which is about a girl with multiple personalities, and I got to thinking: What if I have multiple (or double, at least) personalities, and the robotic/instinct/habit decisions aren't made by my subconscious, but by my other personality?

My possible other personality (I'll call him Mark1993 in case he exists) isn't like most alternate personalities - he rarely says anything, when he does speak he usually only says (normally through a closed mouth) some short phrase that I've been thinking about lately (though when I was younger he was a little more talkative, but still not enough to have a conversation), and he doesn't seem to have free will - but if I had multiple personalities, it would explain a lot. The younger and/or more tired I am at any given time, the more stupid mistakes I make and the less I remember of everything else that happened at that time, which could be due to Mark1993 being more active then and remembering that stuff instead of me. Also, while I was updating my Apocalypse Prediction List of the Apocalypse, twice I wrote down dates without remembering how I came up with them - maybe it was actually Mark1993 who did that?

I took this multiple personalities quiz and got 70% with the average score being 50%, so it could be that I have multiple personalities...

So, do you think that Mark1993 counts as a separate personality even though he does much less than most alternate personalities? I'm probably also going to find a multiple personalities community and ask this there as well.

EDIT: There isn't a multiple personalities community! :( Not one that's in English, anyway - I'm assuming the one with "ru" in the name is in Russian.

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