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Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

The end of the middle of the end of the beginning of the end of the beginning

I think I did pretty well on both of my finals today.

I finished my English test, but sadly, only because I stayed in class for 20 extra minutes. :(

I felt SO awkward giving my speech, though. Y'see, normally I write the notecards for my speech in my shorthand (because I don't know the official shorthand, so I make up my own). However, I've recently added some new symbols to my shorthand - any word that, when translated to Spanish, sounds like an English letter is replaced with that letter with a tilde (~) over it (as well as an accent in the case of "what" to distinguish it from "that", since in Spanish, those are "qué" and "que", respectively). Since I hadn't been using these as long, it was harder to read them, so I had to look at my notecards most of the time. Though, since everyone in the class says I did really well, apparently I did...

Tomorrow is my Spanish exam. All I have to do for it is write at least 100 words about almost anything in English beforehand (which I have) and translate it to Spanish in class. Shouldn't be too hard :)

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