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Those poor delicious Lumas!

It's a lot easier to write cutscenes because, for the most part, I can just take the dialogue from Super Mario Galaxy 2, add Luigi, Enya, and Moya whenever Mario is mentioned, and add occasional comments from Moya :)

Current progress towards word count goal:

(7,813 words, by the way)

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←Part 8 Parts 0-9 combined and made much less cringeworthy in 2018 ⟹

The Power Star led us to a planet with several Lumas on it, and then vanished. Mario let Master Luma out of his hat for a moment; Master Luma made an adorable squeaking noise.

We looked around the planet for a moment, then turned to find that a huge purple (grape? Must taste test later) Luma wearing a blue diaper or something had somehow appeared with the lemon Lumas, with the Power Star hovering next to him. Why does he need to wear a diaper if the other Lumas don't need to wear anything?

"So you're these Mario and Luigi guys and these Enya and Moya ladies my little Lumas won't stop blabbing about, am I right?" asked Purple Diaper Man. "Sorry to hear about the excitement you had with that monster down in the Mushroom Kingdom. I sure appreciate y'all bringing us this Power Star, though! We need as many of these as we can get! The name's Lubba, by the way. I'm the head honcho of this Luma crew. See, believe it or not, we're on a spaceship right now." We looked around again; it didn't look like a spaceship, just a planet with a steering wheel on it and some meteors in it. Then again, ever since that green pipe came out of the ground at my dinner, hardly anything has made sense, so why should this?

"Took some real elbow grease to convert this little planetoid into a ship," Purple Diaper Man continued, (what does elbow grease have to do with anything?) "but we Lumas pulled it off! May not look like much...but it's home." On the contrary, it seems pretty neat to have an entire planet (albeit a tiny one) for a home!

"Truth be told, the ship...she's not in such hot shape right now," Purple Diaper Man went on. "We ran into that monster too! He blasted us with meteors, and some of my crew were thrown overboard!"

"Those poor delicious Lumas!" I gasped.

"What was that?" replied Purple Diaper Man. Oops.

"Nothing," I lied, ashamed at myself. Great, now he knows I've tasted one of his Lumas.

"Well, anyway," Purple Diaper Man began, still sounding a little annoyed at me, as he turned to Mario. "So that monster kidnapped your princess, eh? That's cold...Deep-space cold, if ya ask me." I'm surprised Mario and Luigi don't fight over Peach all the time. It's a rare thing for a princess to be in love with a plumber (assuming she actually is), so why wouldn't another plumber be jealous?

"And so is the monster kidnapping your friends," he continued, turning to Enya.

"Yeah, what a jerk," agreed Enya.

"Ya know what else is cold? That monster stealing every last one of our Power Stars! See, that's our fuel. Our spaceship runs on energy from Power Stars! Without that, we're stranded here!"

Just then, Master Luma came out of Mario's hat again, holding it. Purple Diaper Man "jumped" in delight.

"AY-O! Is-- Is that young master Luma? It is...isn't it?! Wow... Wait--if you have the trust of young master Luma...hmm... Say, I just might have a little proposition for ya. Hear me out, now...Your special someone and Enya's friends got kidnapped and now you gotta save them, am I right?"

I half-expected Mario to reply, "Duh, you just-a said it a few-a seconds ago." But instead he said, "That's right."

"And we need fuel for our ship. Now," Purple Diaper Man continued, turning to all of us, "if you think you could get some of our Power Stars back for us, I'd be willing to make this ship your very own for a bit. That's a fair exchange! Am I right?"

"That's right," repeated Mario. But how would any of us know how to work a spaceship?!

"All right! It's a deal!" exclaimed Purple Diaper Man. "OK, gang! Let's get cracking, yeah? I want everything space-shipshape!"

Even though he was still facing us, he must have been actually talking to the Lumas for that last part, because all of the Lumas (including him) started spinning like that one Luma did when I licked him. Purple Diaper Man and the Power Star went into the air, and then suddenly a light came from the spaceship as the lemon Lumas all squealed with delight. I thought the spaceship had exploded for a minute, but then it turned out to have transformed to resemble Mario's head. The hat was green, but then again, I don't think it would be a very good idea to travel on a spaceship half-covered in lava.

"Well, whaddaya think? Nice spaceship, huh? More like a faceship! Har har! Well, at least you'll never lose it in a parking lot? Am I right? Har har!"

"That's not fair!" I complained. "Just because Master Luma decided to be in Mario's hat at that time, even though he can somehow teleport to my hair and Enya and Luigi's hats, means we get only Starship Mario? Can't you please find three more planets and make spaceships for the rest of us?"

"So?" replied Purple Diaper Man, defensively. "We have a spaceship, and it's in better condition now, so what more do we need to find the Power Stars, Mario's special someone, and Enya's friends?"

"Ignore-a Moya," said Mario. "She-a complains about-a everything."

"I'm only pointing out things that don't make much sense," I replied, annoyed.

"Whoa, now," interrupted Purple Diaper Man. "If y'all keep fighting like this, we'll never get anything done."

Mario and I calmed down slightly.

"So what's next? Don't look at me--" he turned to Mario-- "this ship has your face on it, not mine! And," he said, turning to the rest of us, "pretend it also has Luigi's, Enya's, and Moya's faces on it. The decision is yours! Feel free to explore Starship Mario, or take the helm if you're ready to ship out!"

"So you're not gonna tell us how--" I began--

"It's your call, 'Team Brennario'!" he finished, ignoring me.

Master Luma went back into Mario's hat.

We looked around Starship Mario for a little while. The Lumas had built an actual deck instead of just a rock with a steering wheel on it. It does still have the steering wheel, but now it's mounted rather than just laying on a crate, and there's a yellow button on the ground in front of it. On Starship Mario were several lemon, blue (blueberry?), red (cherry?), and orange (orange?) Lumas, which is weird because before the Lumas redesigned the ship, there were only lemon ones (except Purple Diaper Man, of course). One of the lemon Lumas had Star Bits surrounding him, but Mario stole them! I could understand collecting Star Bits for the Star Festival, but stealing someone else's Star Bits seemed like too much. The Luma did tell us how to grab Star Bits with the Wii Remote (whatever that is), though, so I guess he was just letting us practice. I wished one of them would teach us how to fly a spaceship, though. There were various signs around, but none of them taught us how to fly Starship Mario, though since they all refer to buttons on the Wii Remote ("If you run and press Z right before a jump, you'll do a long jump! Try it! It feels pretty great!"), I don't think we'd understand even if they did.

In addition to the Lumas and signs, there were also various flowers and trees on Starship Mario, as well as a lovely stream. I could get used to this.

After long-jumping around a little (it does feel pretty great!), we went back to the deck. Mario stood on the button and reached for the steering wheel, then--


The wheel started spinning by itself and Starship Mario's engine started. Purple Diaper Man somehow managed to fall over despite normally floating in midair. Then Starship Mario shot forward.

"YEAH-HOO-HOO-HOOOO!" exclaimed the Mario Bros. and Enya. I, on the other hand, screamed and almost threw up.

We arrived at this map-looking area. There was a yellow dot below Starship Mario with two lines coming from it, connecting it to two more dots. Above the dot behind us was the solar system we had just visited, and above the dot ahead of us was another solar system.

"So this is the World Map," explained PDM. "Just point the Star Cursor at your destination, and press A to jump into that galaxy!" Those look more like solar systems to me. A group of planets is a solar system, and a group of solar systems is a galaxy, right?

"Like I said," he continued, "this spaceships runs on energy from Power Stars. Right now, it looks like we got enough power to go this far." He pointed to the next solar system galaxy. "We're gonna need more Power Stars!"

"I know," I told him, slightly annoyed. You already told us. That's what our deal was, remember?

"So let's do it! For Mario's princess, Enya's friends, and my crew! Take it away, Team Brennario!"

We looked at the galaxy ahead of us. A caption appeared out of nowhere:

Yoshi Star Galaxy
★ ★ ●

"Let's go!" declared Mario. Somehow, that made all of "Team Brennario" launch from Starship Mario towards Yoshi Star Galaxy.


In otherelated news, Thanksgiving break is almost over. Blah. School.

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  • Fun fact

    Starting on September 23, 2021, I have had my LiveJournal account for over half of my life now. :O

  • 14 years

    Tomorrow will mark the 14th anniversary of my LiveJournal. But at this point, I don't think that's worth celebrating. Because I don't think that's a…

  • LiveJournal is 22 today! (well, yesterday)

    Domain LiveJournal.com was registered on April 15, 1999. The same year, the cult movie "The Matrix" was released, the 6 billionth inhabitant of the…