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One bright star, yes. In heaven, no.

Here's what I've written of Moya's Space Log in the past couple of days.

Current progress towards word count goal:

I'm finally past ¼ of my wordcount goal - 6,267 words. *sigh*

Current progress towards end of story:

Current progress towards end of story plus retroactive artwork:

←Part 7 Part 9→

The next planet was similar in shape and composition to the one Yoshi's house was on - flat with grass on one side and dirt and rocks on the other, except this time we landed on the latter. Ahead was an Octhipmunk and a line of four (again with the there just happening to be four) red mushrooms with yellow stars and eyes.

"Yeah! Life Mushrooms!" exclaimed Mario, running to "eat" the one on the middle-right and run through the checkpoint flag ahead (making it red with a white circle with his M on it).

"If you eat one, you get a maximum of six hit points until your hit points fall below four," explained Luigi as he and Enya went to the Life Mushrooms around the one that Mario had eaten. It's kind of scary knowing that we can only take three hits (or six with the Life Mushroom) before we die. As the Octhipmunk unsuccessfully tried to shoot rocks at us, I went to eat the remaining Life Mushroom. I did feel a little stronger! I wonder why the Octhipmunk didn't eat any of them before we got here.

On the grassy side were three Octhipmunks, a crystal with Star Bits, two coins, and a Launch Star. The first Octhipmunk was lucky enough to hit Mario, but Mario didn't take this lying down - he spin-attacked it, and then Enya kicked it (grabbing a coin on the way). But then I got hit by one of those rocks. So did Enya while trying to jump to the next ledge. Mario dealt with the Octhipmunk that hit her, though, and the Mario Bros. got rid of the one that hit me. Mario, being the closest to the coin, took it. I didn't get to participate in any of this because I had fallen behind a little (and, of course, because I got hit once).

"I see Star light over there!" called the Launch Star. Mario went in first, followed by Luigi, then Enya, then me.

We landed on the round dirt-and-rock-covered planet up ahead. Or, to be exact, on what looked like a large dinosaur egg on said planet, cracking it. Out hatched what looked like a part-flower, part-dinosaur creature. It wasn't a cute dinosaur like Yoshi, though - it had a huge head (somehow bigger than the hole it emerged from) with scary teeth.

Still wearing its eggshell, it started chasing us, so we started running away in opposite directions (Luigi and I to its right, Mario and Enya to its left). It chose Luigi and I to go after, and in fact ran into Luigi, but as it laughed about it, Mario spun into its eggshell, which cracked it some more, knocked the creature about fifteen or twenty feet away, and turned it to face him, despite its size. Luigi just barely got out from under it before it landed on him. Since its eggshell landed so close to me, I delivered a second hit (which, due to being next to Luigi, also made him spin around shouting, "YAHOO!"). However, it managed to run into me once it landed. Great, only one more hit until my maximum hit points go back down to 3.

Luckily, Luigi spun into it while it was cackling, completely breaking the eggshell. This made it start to run away crying. I felt sorry for it, but Enya spin-attacked its posterior (which, for some reason, looked like it was on fire even though it wasn't) again. She's been unusually mean lately. What's gotten into her?

After Enya's attack, four Star Bits appeared out of nowhere. Then, somehow, the creature's eggshell was rebuilt around it. Weird. If I had eaten one of the egg pieces for whatever reason, would I get stuck to the rest of the eggshell?

The creature charged at us twice as fast as it had been before. We, who had somehow ended up standing in exactly the same line we were in when we jumped off the egg (from left to right: me, Luigi, Mario, Enya), scattered, but the creature still hit Luigi. Fortunately, it still hadn't learned that laughing to itself allows me to spin-attack his eggshell. It did almost land on Enya, but luckily she backed away and then spin-attacked it again. This is pretty easy with more than one person here.

As we went around the creature again while it was in the air, a Star Bit randomly fell onto a light on the ground, somehow turning it into a coin. Once the creature landed, it went after Enya, but I spin-attacked it, completely breaking the eggshell again. As we chased it, it broke open some crystals of Star Bits, which, of course, we took along the way. It took a while, and we ended up having to do those flying leaps the Mario Bros. had done on the way to Peach's castle in order to catch up with it, but eventually Enya spin-attacked it once more.

This time, it didn't recreate its eggshell - it died and disappeared in a puff of smoke, revealing a golden star - must be one of the Power Stars the Lumas were talking about. I'm still kinda saddened by the fact that we had to kill a newborn plant/dinosaur thing to get it, but then again, it's not like there are any tranquilizer darts or surgeons on this planet.

Mario touched the Power Star and somehow, all four of us started floating. Mario then tossed the Power Star into the air, and he and Luigi caught it as Enya and I sat on two of its points.


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Nov. 27th, 2010 04:47 am (UTC)
6,267 words is still a pretty darned good chunk of writing! Have you enjoyed the process?
Nov. 27th, 2010 05:22 am (UTC)
Some parts were fun to write, while some parts were annoying to write (remember, I knew so little about Moya's lifestyle that I made very little description of her birthday dinner and had Bowser show up as soon as possible).

Sometimes it's even both fun and annoying - when I was playing the D&D-style board I made for the Peewee Piranha fight, I had to convert everything from polar to rectangular coordinates, so while it was fun to play through it (and amusing to make Enya and Moya "fatter" than Mario and Luigi sometimes :P ), it was also kind of annoying every time Peewee Piranha moved or was moved because I had to calculate a LOT to determine his new position and distorted shape.
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
Wow, you make writing so mathematical. I wouldn't be able to write it like that! :)
Jan. 21st, 2011 01:25 am (UTC)
I only did it that way because after writing without D&D-style boards for a while, it started to feel like writing, "Luckily Enya, the Mario Bros., and I somehow got past [insert enemies here]" for every planet. :)
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:23 pm (UTC)
"I wonder why the Octhipmunk didn't eat any of them before we got here."
Maybe they aren't that intelligent? Or they are invisible to everyone except the good guys?

"...it had a huge head (somehow bigger than the hole it emerged from) with scary teeth." Love this. And see? It's mean and crazy, so Moya doesn't have to feel bad about killing it. :)

Jan. 21st, 2011 01:21 am (UTC)
Maybe they aren't that intelligent? Or they are invisible to everyone except the good guys?

If it's one of those, it's probably the former, since in Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., etc., the bad guys can see mushrooms just as well as the good guys can. Though, since they know how to use them in those games, I dunno...
( 6 pigeons used the Internet — You're quite honest, aren't you? )


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