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Userpic Wars VI: I Might as Well

Since I included ᔕჷ :ʇᴉɯᴉƮ pǝǝdS in my userpic polls even though I had already made it (I just forgot to move it to the "recently made but not uploaded to LJ" list), and since I'm going to make some of these userpics whenever I have free time but don't feel like working on Moya's Space Log, I might as well include the already made userpics in the polls. The rest are still here and here.

Descriptions of new ideas:

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP - From the X-Files episode "Three of a Kind": Scully, drugged up, says, "My medical opinion: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" and claps
Conga of the Apocalypse - From the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episode Homestar Ruiner: the Drive-Thru Whale says, "When the End Times come, we will all dance the Conga of the Apocalypse."
Dead Cows are Boring - From the X-Files episode "Bad Blood": Scully is not paying attention to Mulder's slides and says, "Dead cows are SOOOOO boring!"
Doubting Luma - a lemon yellow Luma says to Mario, "We have faith that you'll beat that monster, Mario! Uh, you will, right?!"
Green Pipe - Bowser says, "Why don't you just run off and go find some green pipe to hide in?!"
He Comes at You With a Knife and--BANANA CREAM! - Clyde Bruckman predicting how Mulder will die in the X-Files episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"
If You Drink This, You Will Vomit a Wedding - From the advertisement for Powerthirst
No, YOU'RE Infected! - From the X-Files episode "Ice": Mulder & Scully hold each other at gunpoint, alternating saying, "No, YOU'RE infected!"
Xhoe-Files - Another one from Bad Blood: Mulder points to a guy's shoes and says, "THIS MAN'S SHOES ARE UNTIED!"
ΔΧΧΔΔΧ?! - the first thing Master Luma says in Super Mario Galaxy 2

Poll #1649806 Userpic Wars VI
This poll is closed.

Which of these me do you want userpics to firstload up?

Conga of the Apocalypse
Dead Cows are Boring
Doubting Luma
Green Pipe
He Comes at You With a Knife and--BANANA CREAM!!
If You Drink This, You Will Vomit a Wedding
No, YOU'RE Infected!

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