Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word? (matt1993) wrote,
Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

Writer's Block: Two words: Charlie Brown

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, do you have any favorite TV shows or events that you associate with this holiday? If so, why do you love them?
I actually haven't seen A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - I've seen Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, but not Thanksgiving. The only Thanksgiving specials I can think of are that Garfield one and that Simpsons episode where Bart runs away on Thanksgiving (and the latter I only remember seeing once or twice, so I may have accidentally made it up based on two actual episodes).

Tags: bart, charlie brown, christmas, easter, garfield, halloween, making stuff up, running away, thanksgiving, the simpsons, tv shows, tv specials, writer's block


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