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5,330 words in Moya's Space Log now. And still no Stars. If the D&D-style boards I've been making take a while to play through with only four enemies, imagine how long bosses and Cosmic Clone missions (which I will actually have to use the boards for) will take!

Current progress towards word count goal:

Current progress towards end of story:

Current progress towards end of story plus retroactive artwork:
(The clear part of this status bar has a width of 797 pixels ;) )

←Part 6 Part 8→
To our right was another platform like it, this one going over just sand. As Luigi hopped onto it, the rest of us went down its path in the other direction. Another platform came from just ahead and pushed Enya, Mario, and I back a little (almost pushing me off the edge) until we jumped over it.

The Luma went to a grassy area to the right. I almost made it there--

"Ow! That Oct[hipmunk]'s rock hit me!" exclaimed Enya, behind me.

"Follow me!" shouted the Luma, showing no concern. I can see why he wouldn't have the time to show concern, though - just after he said that, we started being pushed by the other platform. Soon afterward, I saw Luigi get knocked off the edge of the planet on the opposite side and start to fall into the black hole. "WAHHHHH-HO-HO-HO!!!" he screamed. Poor guy.

After jumping over the platform again, we finally made it to the Luma, who continued on down a narrow path with two more flying chipmunks above it. "Follow me!" he called again.

Just then, Luigi showed up ahead of us and to the left, trapped in a bubble. "Help me!" he called, shaking the bubble over towards us. We moved over to give him some room to land, and Mario popped the bubble.

"Wait a minute. I thought you restart from the checkpoint flag?" I asked.

"That's if we all die at once," answered Luigi. "If it's only some of us, we end up in bubbles like that."

"Weird, but at least it's more convenient," I replied. "So what did you find?"

"A Comet Medal," stated Luigi, holding up an octagonal golden medal with a star-shaped comet with eyes on it. "Collecting them makes comets appear. Then I got the coins that were here and got rid of one of the Para[chipmunks] for y'all, but when I tried to get rid of another, I missed and it hit me into that black hole."

"Well, at least you tried," I said, smiling.

Mario stomped the first Parachipmunk to knock its wings off. Enya then stomped it and took the coin. The other Parachipmunk was hovering off the side of the platform when we passed it, so we left it alone. At the end of the path, the Luma turned into a Launch Star, which, as usual, the rest of us launched from.


Note: I was originally going to have Team Brennario members always restart at the checkpoint flag regardless of whether or not they all died at once, but then I realized that in some galaxies, anyone that dies would end up dying over and over until the other three commit suicide, so I had to change it to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii way (i.e. they end up in bubbles). That's why Mario never told Enya & Moya the part about the bubbles until just now.

*pathvain_aelien told me about a time that her foot got stuck in a hole in the couch while she was playing NSMBW with Stephen, and she said, "My foot's stuck. I'm bubbling." :D
Tags: "moya's space log", 797, artwork, black holes, bubbles, checkpoint, coins, comet medals, comets, cosmic clones, death, drawing, dungeons & dragons, enya, launch star, luigi, luma, mario, moya, new super mario bros. wii, octoombas, paragoombas, pathvain_aelien, stars, stephen, suicide, super mario galaxy 2, team brennario, word count

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